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What To Do When Leather Furniture Needs Cleaning

The process behind leather furniture cleaning is meant to protect the material as much as possible when removing particulates and oils. This material is particularly sensitive to many detergents and treatment methods, so special training is helpful before working with it. It’s not enough to hire an upholstery treatment firm, as their methods don’t always work with sofas and chairs made from this material. A firm certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), though, will have the tools and methods needed to complete the process without causing damage to the fragile material.

How is leather furniture cleaning performed?

First, and most importantly, it is imperative that the material not be agitated until it has been vacuumed thoroughly. Unlike upholstery, which will absorb dirt and other soils, leather will block particles and keep them near the surface. As such, if the material is scrubbed or agitated before vacuuming, the soil can score a deep scratch into the material’s surface, and it will be extremely difficult to remove the scratch.

So, the sofa or chair must be vacuumed a couple times to ensure all loose soil is picked up. Once it is, professionals will use a little water and special treatment agents to go over the material with a rag or gentle scrubber. Most professionals will apply a safe conditioner that will break down the oils left behind by peoples’ skin, and with a soft cloth or brush, the oils can be completely removed. This will prevent the material from feeling sticky or greasy.

After the material has undergone a gentle agitation with a bit of water and the proper cleansing agent, some professionals will choose to apply a special conditioner to protect and moisturize it. The conditioner provides a barrier that will lock in the material’s moisture and color and block soils from reaching the material. Once all of this is done, it will take a couple hours for the material to dry and be ready to sit on once again.

Why should homeowners consider bringing in professionals for leather furniture cleaning?

Again, this material is extremely sensitive to cleaning mistakes, and using the wrong substance or method can cause permanent damage. Discoloration and texture damage are the most common. For example, a mistake a lot of homeowners make is applying a moisturizing oil or saddle soap to the material, both of which can strip the protective outer layer and leave behind a sticky, rough residue.

Professional firms know exactly which agents and methods to use, which will ensure the material is not damaged in any way. Also, professionals have access to advanced treatment methods that can restore badly damaged or discolored material. Professionals can even fix holes or tears in the material, making it appear brand new.

Though this material is beautiful and feels luxurious to the touch, it needs to be taken care of to ensure it will be around for many years to come.

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