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What Is The Professional Upholstery Cleaning Reference Guide

The Professional Upholstery Cleaning Reference Guide is one of many standards developed by the IICRC in partnership with The American National Standards Institute, or ANSI.  ANSI oversees the development of nationwide standards that are based upon various criteria stipulating procedures for various services.  The IICRC is a member of this organization and operates as the secretariat for a number of ANSI committees responsible for developing standards for the restoration and contaminant removal industries.    

Acquisition of these standards adds value to professional offerings on two levels
.  They help clarify the conceptual aspects of the industry, and they better articulate its procedural elements to customers.  The use of standards such as the Professional Upholstery Cleaning Reference Guide is completely voluntary.  However, this standard, like all others provided by the IICRC, contains line items that have been adopted by various regulatory authorities  in the Upholstery Manufacturing Industry on the care of upholstered fabrics.  Following these guidelines enables an organization to operate more fully in compliance with all levels of regulation.
Consumers benefit from a heightened sense of assurance that the technicians they hire are both ethical and technically adept
.  When they see a Cleantrust patch or logo, they form an instant respect for the organization that displays them.   Certified technicians who purchase standards such as the Professional Upholstery Cleaning Reference Guide will be regarded as cutting edge experts in their disciplines.  Also, when companies voluntarily become Cleantrust Certified Firms, they subject themselves to additional mandates and requirements.

1.    Certified firms are required to provide customers with detailed, reliable information about their procedures.  They are also held accountable to very strict ethical standards.  
2.    Certified Firms may only dispatch trained technicians who have passed all associated tests.
3.    In addition, firms must provide continuing education programs to their technicians in order to keep them informed of new developments in the industry.
4.    Certified firms also must carry liability insurance in case an accident occurs while technicians are performing their services.  They must also have procedures in place that will handle any written complaints and allow third parties such as the BBB to arbitrate any disputes between the firm and its customers.  

Firms can also better market their organization by investing in the Professional Upholstery Cleaning Reference Guide.  The IICRC website helps consumers find Certified Firms.  Additionally, it maintains relationships with a variety of companies in several vertical markets such as the fiber production industry, fabric milling, carpet milling, furniture retailers, and chemical manufacturers.  Companies within these industries stipulate in their warranties that IICRC professionals be used for contaminate control.  

Only firms that are certified and have a certified Upholstery Cleaning technician on staff are listed in the Locate a Pro database found on the IICRC website.  Additionally, these firms are the only ones allowed to display a Cleantrust Certified logo in their marketing campaigns.  The IICRC also partners with a number of entities to increase consumer awareness of Certified Contaminant Removal, Inspection, or Restoration Companies.  One of these is the American Home Furnishings Alliance, or AHFA.  This partnership helps direct consumers to firms that are certified in upholstery care.  

The Professional Upholstery Cleaning Reference Guide can be purchased from the IICRC website
.  This document represents a compilation of reliable research, established principles, and experience acquired by certified technicians in the field.  Various contributors to these guidelines represent a spectrum of technicians in the chemical, furniture, and upholstery industries.  While this standard does not teach specific technicians, it represents the foundation upon which sound industry practices are built.

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