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What Is The Process For IICRC Water Damage Restoration Course?

An IICRC water damage restoration course is one of the most extensive classes available in the industry. For decades the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification has been teaching technicians in the field the best methods and introducing new technology available to them. One of the most involved classes the institute offers is for technicians who repair damage left behind by standing liquids. Whether caused by a major natural disaster or just a leak, these technicians have to handle a large variety of duties while on the job.

Unlike many technical institutes, students who take an IICRC water damage restoration course don’t have to travel far to get certified. The institute contracts approved schools around the country to provide teaching to students. These schools uphold the standards set forth by the institute and are familiar with the most up to date methods used in the industry. With this knowledge, approved instructors can show students how to do their job at a high level and earn a favorable reputation in the field as a result. Each class is taught over three days for a total of 19 hours of instruction time. This doesn’t include time required for exams.

Once a student is done with the IICRC water damage restoration course, they will have to demonstrate mastery of all learned concepts. This is done using hands-on demonstrations and through examinations that test theory and technique. If the student passes the exam and demonstrates master to the instructor’s satisfaction, they are eligible for certification through the agency as long as they pass all other requirements. Achieving certification through the institute can be a huge boost to a technician’s consumer and employer relationship. The vast majority of consumers consider certification extremely important when looking for a professional to hire, and employers keep this in mind when hiring technicians.

During the IICRC water damage restoration course, the student will be exposed to several work environments. They will learn how to work on properties that have suffered major flooding and homes that have experienced a sewer backflow. Each comes with a unique set of hazards that must be accounted for to maintain workplace safety. Students will learn several concepts related to the field, including how standing liquids harm the home and its contents. Over time, the effects of standing liquid worsen and spread throughout the property. The technician must know the pattern of destruction it causes to be completely prepared. Students will also learn the best methods available for locating pockets of moisture and drying them properly. There are technologies available that can accurately measure the moisture content in many structural materials. Students will learn how to utilize this technology and incorporate it into their repairs.

Finally, the technician will be given a basic review of mold remediation. An IICRC water damage restoration course doesn’t cover all of the methods used for mold remediation, but it does go over the basics. Technicians in this industry must be able to identify the effects of mold and treat them immediately, or the property may become compromised.

With this range of skills and knowledge, a technician will be equipped to handle any work situation once they are certified.

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