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What Is The Institute Of Carpet Cleaning & Restoration?

Since 1972, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, has been the leading institute for carpet cleaning and restoration professionals around the world. Founded by Ed York, an innovative professional in the industry, this organization that he founded has grown from its modest beginnings to its present status as the most respected oversight agency in the industry. It currently serves more than 50,000 active registrants and more than 6,000 certified firms, providing training and resources to technicians in the field. Consumers also recognize the IICRC for its work in improving industry standards and recognizing respect professionals in their area.

What does the IICRC do?    

As the top institute for carpet cleaning, restoration and a variety of other textile treatments, they are responsible for disseminating the most up to date industry information to professionals. This is primarily done through the organization’s training programs, which are taught by industry leaders who are familiar with the agency’s standards. These standards represent the industry's best practices, so home and business owners who hire an IICRC certified professional can rest assured that they will receive the best service available.

They have produced many publications detailing the standards it upholds, from simple textile treatment to mould remediation to water damage repair. Its oldest and most popular publication is still its standard and reference guide for floor textile cleaning. This guide shows industry professionals how to properly extract soil from textiles, the right chemicals to use for the job and the proper way to use machinery.

How can the IICRC help technicians and other industry professionals?

Since its formation, they have focused their efforts on helping people get certified to work in the industry. Textile treatment is a complicated process. So it should only be performed by certified technicians who have received extensive training. As the most respected institute for carpet cleaning and restoration, they provide the most advanced training programs available in the industry.

These courses go over a variety of topics, including upholstery treatment, textile repair and installation, odour removal, mould remediation, water, fire and smoke damage repair and commercial textile treatment. The courses can also train a professional working with wood, marble, ceramic, stone, leather and laminate materials. Each course provides hands-on experience and is taught over several days. Following the end of the course, the technician will have to pass an examination to demonstrate their knowledge. Once certified, a technician can seek advanced designations within the IICRC after attaining enough industry experience and passing additional classes. They also offer a large variety of continuing education classes to keep technicians up to date on their knowledge. To remain in good standing, technicians must regularly take continuing education classes.

How is the IICRC beneficial to consumers?

Homeowners want to know what constitutes good service in the textile treatment industry. The IICRC provides oversight for consumers and enforces consumer standards that protect home and business owners from poor service. They also maintain an active database of all certified firms, so the consumer can quickly find the best technicians in their area.

For over 40 years, the IICRC has brought order to the textile treatment industry, providing the rigorous standards that ensure excellent service and steady innovation in the field.

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