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What Is The Institute Of Carpet Cleaning And Restoration?

What is the Institute of Carpet Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)?

The IICRC is one of the most respected organizations in the textile treatment industry. It is responsible for training professionals and for setting standards for various forms of textile treatment. Created in 1972 by Ed York, it has grown exponentially in the last four decades and now has a presence in 25 countries. There are more than 52,000 active professionals and 6,000 firms that are registrants of the IICRC. The organization’s headquarters are in Vancouver, Washington, and it has offices in the UK and Australia.

What kind of training can the Institute of Carpet Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification offer?

The IICRC offers more than 30 courses, all of them dedicated to a particular form of flooring treatment, upholstery treatment or damage remediation. Most technicians will take the CCT course, which addresses basic  carpet cleaning, but many will go on to more complex coursework. That may include odor removal, color repair, flooring installation, water damage remediation, fire and smoke damage remediation or mold removal. Once a technician completes a course, they can attain certification through the IICRC and move onto advanced designations within the organization.

Most classes offered through the IICRC are taught through approved instructors located around the world. That is perfect for technicians that can’t afford to travel large distances. Each course lasts between two and five days and involves a lot of hands-on learning that introduces current treatment methods and equipment. Upon the courses completion, each student will have to exhibit their skills and pass a written examination.

How can the Institute of carpet Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification help professionals?

Once certified, a technician will be armed with the latest industry knowledge. This will help the technician generate a positive reputation among consumers and employers, opening up additional employment opportunities. Studies verify that home and business owners place a great deal on certification when looking for a textile treatment professional. Certified firms can build up clientele faster than competitors with positive word of mouth and greater efficiency.

Certified Firms who are registrants are placed in the IICRC’s database, which gives the professional additional visibility. Consumers can peruse the IICRC’s database to find certified technicians in their area. Certified registrants can also take continuing education courses to improve their knowledge.

How can a technician remain in good standing with the IICRC?

Maintaining good standing is important for registrants, and this is done by agreeing to uphold the IICRC’s standards and ethical practices. Registrants must also complete regular continuing education classes to stay on top of their field. This will help the technicians certified through the IICRC remain the most knowledgeable people in this industry when it comes to textile treatment.

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