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What Is The Carpet Cleaning Institute of the Northwest?

The Carpet Cleaning Institute of the Northwest (CCINW) is one of the oldest trade associations in the industry and is a part owner of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The CCINW started in Oregon during the late 1940s when a number of carpet treatment professionals started meeting regularly to discuss how to do their jobs better. Most of their meetings covered how to better solve problems common to their field and provide improved service to their customers. During this time,  cleaning professionals were also meeting in Washington for the same purpose. Eventually, the two groups concentrated their efforts and from their gatherings, the CCINW was created.  

Since then the CCINW has expanded considerably, now incorporating an area that includes Idaho, western Montana, Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba. At first, only carpet treatment professionals made up the ranks of the Carpet Cleaning Institute of the Northwest. Now it includes professionals that repair carpet and flooring, treat furniture and air ducts, restore fire and water damage, and professionals that treat upholstery. The CCINW’s mission is the same as it has always been, to empower industry professionals and help them attain the tools they need to succeed.

Upon joining the CCINW, members are eligible for a number of benefits that give them an edge in the field. Right away, members gain access to an annual $500 grant that allows them to take courses and improve their knowledge of the industry. Because the CCINW is so well networked among educational organizations, many classes are discounted for CCINW members, making it even easier to learn the craft. Discounts in other areas, like insurance and other business services, are also available and help firms manage their costs.

Perhaps most importantly, is that members still regularly gather at regional meetings, and these meetings are extremely useful for professionals that want to learn from successful technicians and firm owners. Every year, the CCINW hosts the Connections Convention and Trade Show, the biggest trade event in the industry.

Finally, members are granted access to the CCINW’s mark for marketing purposes, and this can give peace of mind to the member’s clients.

The Carpet Cleaning Institute of the Northwest is closely affiliated with the IICRC and even serves as a shareholder within the organization. The IICRC and CCINW are natural partners as both strive to improve the industry’s reputation and ability across the board. The CCINW accomplishes this by linking regional professionals together, while the IICRC offers the best industry training and certification courses available. Both organizations enforce a strict code of ethics that demand honesty and transparency from technicians and firm owners, and both require their professionals use best practices when engaging clients.

The natural synergy between the IICRC and CCINW has made life much easier for technicians in the northwest and beyond. For professionals, this partnership will likely prove to be valuable for many more years.

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