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What To Know When Looking For Upholstery Cleaning Companies

What should a homeowner look for in upholstery cleaning companies?

With so many cleaning companies available it can be difficult to discern between which ones are reliable and which ones are not. Proper research beforehand is key to ensuring that an individual is receiving quality services. When researching, one should look for personal reviews of the business, examples of their work, and most importantly, the certifications that a business holds.

Why are certifications important?

Certifications are an important consideration because they ensure a business’ competence of the services they offer. To receive a certification, a company or technician must undergo rigorous course and field work.  A certification represents not only a professional's depth of knowledge, but also their continuing strive for more knowledge as many certifications require annual classes to keep up to date with the latest techniques and equipment.

What certification should one look for?

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) truly sets the standards regarding cleaning certifications. Their certifications consist of strict work that is continually evaluated to maintain their title. They are world-known as they have three International offices and currently serve in 25 countries. IICRC trained professionals are well versed in the areas of repair, deodorizing, maintenance, and restoration. They offer certifications in general sanitation and a variety of specialized areas. Along with different fields, they offer various levels of training, ranging from “Journeyman” to “Master.”  Many homeowners are advised to consider upholstery cleaning companies that are certified through the IICRC for the best results.

 What are upholstery cleaning companies taught through the IICRC?

Upholstery and fabric cleaning technicians will know the different categories of fabric, how to identify those fibers, the chemistry of sanitizing, upholstery sanitizing methods, protection techniques, and even be able to spot a potential problem beforehand. This all adds up to one qualified individual who can meet the needs of any homeowner’s upholstery issue.

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