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What To Know About Carpet Cleaning Certification Classes

A technician that wants to move his career forward should consider carpet cleaning certification classes through the Institute of Inspection of Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC. This institution was started in 1972 and has grown quickly since. Today, the IICRC has more than 50,000 certified technicians and 6,000 firms among its ranks, making it the largest cleaning and restoration certification organization in the world. Coursework produced by the IICRC teaches the latest technology and techniques for producing excellent results. Technicians that pass these courses are among the most knowledgeable professionals available.

The IICRC offers carpet cleaning certification classes all over the world. The institution doesn’t teach these courses at any one facility. Instead, the agency recruits certified industry experts who teach and uphold the IICRC’s standards. T.hese experts are approved instructors who can teach everything the student needs to know. Because the schools they teach in can be found almost anywhere, a student typically doesn’t have to travel far to receive their education. This class is two days long and encompasses 14 hours’ worth of material.

These courses will focus on practical methods of textile treatment. Technicians will be introduced to the various types of fabric that are regularly encountered and different textile styles. Students will learn how to treat each kind of textile properly and how to avoid damaging their unique properties. Soil extraction methods, chemical applications and proper treatment methodology will be the major elements of the course. Finally, students will be taught how to handle various concerns or problems that often come up during a job. Once finished, the technician will have a strong foundation of knowledge concerning pre-inspection methods, chemical applications, industry equipment and effective techniques. These will mostly concern residential jobs, though the student will also learn how to handle commercial settings.

The IICRC is one of the few organizations that offer any carpet cleaning certification classes. Before selecting an agency for continuing education, make sure that it is respected in the industry. If it is not, it may not improve the technician’s reputation among employers and consumers. Also, smaller organizations aren’t usually plugged into regulation agencies like the American National Standards Institute, or ANSI. Finally, most agencies don’t provide their registrants with additional benefits once they pass their coursework.

Completing carpet cleaning certification classes through the IICRC confers several benefits to the student. Registrants who opt to become certified firms are incorporated into the IICRC’s database, giving the professional additional visibility. Consumers use this database to locate experts in their area, so this alone can equate to additional business for the certified technician. Registrants also have access to the CleanTrust logo, which shows consumers that the professional is a respected member of their industry. This logo can be used on vehicles, uniforms and any company materials the professional uses.

However, the most important benefit of carpet cleaning certification classes through the IICRC is the knowledge and respect the technician will earn. This institute is responsible for managing industry standards and keeping professionals informed of the latest developments. The IICRC does this better than any other organization in the industry, so technicians in the field respect it. Becoming a registrant with the IICRC is one way to earn trust from both consumers and employers.

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