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What Is An International Carpet Cleaning Institute

While there is no such outfit as an international carpet cleaning institute, there is an organization named the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The IICRC is widely accepted – and highly regarded - as the organization that sets industry standards and issues certifications for professional flooring installers, cleaners, and restorers.

The IICRC, which some for simplicity reasons may refer to as an international carpet cleaning institute, does not provide coursework to professionals or students of the trade, nor does it own school facilities or employ instructors. Instead, the organization features a list of approved schools.  These approved schools, in turn, supply the education necessary for advanced training and ultimately certification of professionals in various disciplines. Through IICRC approved schools, technicians may enroll in a variety of certification tracks and further achieve advanced designations as journeymen in specialized fields such as water restoration or textile cleaning, all the way to the highest achievement of a master designation in those and similar specialties. In that respect, the umbrella of the IICRC could certainly be viewed as an international carpet cleaning institute.

IICRC certifications lend an air of respectability and credibility not only to the professionals who earned them, but also the companies who retain them. As technology advances at a rapid pace and new products and techniques change the way professionals apply their trade, technicians and firms must take advantage of continuing education opportunities on an ongoing basis to remain competitive. For the consumer, IICRC certifications rightfully inspire trust and confidence in a company’s ability and commitment to excellence.

Some of the schools that enjoy the backing of the IICRC, or international carpet cleaning institute, include the Disaster Academy, the National Flood School, Indoor Environmental Management and Future Floor Tech, among numerous others.

Some of the schools specialize in certain disciplines, while others provide well-rounded training in various aspects of restoration and reviving soiled flooring and fabrics. The School of Surface Technology, for example, is an IICRC approved school that provides education and training on a variety of topics such as carpet and upholstery cleaning, repair and reinstallation, as well as water damage restoration. Classes are conducted around the country or online. The Disaster Academy, on the other hand, specializes in classes focusing on fire damage restoration, odor control, and safety-related topics.

IICRC certified companies provide consumers with the reassurance that the flooring professional servicing their home or business operates by the mantras of quality and integrity. Customers are encouraged to look for the “Cleantrust” logo, bestowed to certified providers by the IICRC. The Cleantrust logo is a service mark that acts as a symbol of trustworthiness in the flooring profession.  Certified Firms must meet specific requirements to earn this designation, pledging to dispatch a certified technician to perform the job, carry liability insurance, carry out business dealings with honesty and ethics, provide continuing education for employees, and adhere to the recommendations of arbitration in the event of a dispute.

For all accounts and purposes, the IICRC indeed fulfills what one could define as an international carpet cleaning institute, acting as the forerunner of the standards developed and an advocate of continuing training with the ongoing improvement of the flooring industry in mind.

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