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What Is Included In A Carpet Repair Kit?

A professional’s carpet repair kit is normally pretty basic as most repairs can be made without the use of heavy equipment.  It is not recommended for homeowners  to attempt to perform   repairs without the aid of a qualified technician,   in homes where there is extensive damage or damage in hard to reach areas, a professional should be called upon  to fix the problem. With their experience and knowledge of the field, technicians trained in this area can normally  repair most flooring problems rather quickly.

A carpet repair kit a professional brings to the job normally consists of a seam cutter, a seam iron, seam tape, seam sealer, and various tools to help measure and guide cuts. If the flooring will need to be stretched as well, a power stretcher and knee kicker may also be required. In many cases, a simple bonded insert method can be used, but great precision is needed or further damage may be done to the area. For this reason, it is generally a good idea to have a certified technician perform any job that requires making cuts in the flooring.

Stains, burns and tears are all common reasons for mending a piece of carpeting. Occasionally, there is some extra textile left over from the initial installation and this is ideal for  making these repairs, called bonded inserts. If this material is not available, a piece can be cut from a part of the flooring that is normally out of sight, like from a closet. Don’t worry about the technician leaving a permanent hole after cutting out the replacement piece. The damaged piece of flooring can be placed where the insert was taken from, so there won’t be any hole left behind.

The first part of the repair process involves cutting the damaged area out of the flooring. It is extremely important that all cuts be as straight as possible. Even slight mistakes will result in a hole that is difficult to seam properly. A utility knife can be used for this process, but a technician will normally use a seam cutter to do the job. Seam cutters are more precise and powerful than a standard utility knife, so they make better cuts. Once the damaged piece of flooring is removed from the surrounding material, seaming tape is positioned along the edges of the hole. A professional’s carpet repair kit normally includes a special seaming iron to activate the adhesive in the seaming  tape, though some use a special heat conducting tape along with a  special ultrasonic  iron to accomplish the same effect.

Once the iron is applied to the seam  around the edges of the hole, the bonded insert is pressed down  and integrated into the surrounding flooring by placing a heavy weight on it. Once the seams have dried and locked into place, the professional will smooth the area out with a special grooming comb and remove any long fibers with a pair of special duckbill knapping shears. At first, the insert may appear to be a different color or texture than the surrounding flooring, but the insert will take on the color and texture of the surrounding material with time. Before long, no one will be able to tell where the original damage was.

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