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What To Expect In Fire And Water Damage Restoration Training

Fire and water damage restoration training is an essential prerequisite to practicing residential and commercial damage recovery. While some companies focus on one area or another, those that address numerous types of destruction can be the leaders in such a highly technical and competitive business. Depending upon the level of expertise and certification desired there are a wide array of courses to take that will set any professional apart from their competition.  From the standards set by the IICRC to the various institutions offering fire and water damage restoration training, the knowledge and experience they provide will ensure a high level of customer and employee satisfaction.

The need for repairing and replacing portions of a home or business due to accidents or natural disasters brings in over ten billion dollars each year. Whether it is the result of a tornado, earthquake, pipes bursting, or human error, professionals with the correct education and training can return the space back to its original condition or better. The Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) puts the standards in place in order to regulate the education technicians receive prior to performing their industry duties. While they don't have their own educational facilities, they regulate and approve many courses offered at other institutions as well as the instructors that facilitate the certification process. In addition to monitoring the actual programs offered, the organization ensures they are provided in an ethical and consistent manner.  They believe in instilling values such as integrity, responsibility, and excellence on those maintaining certification.

Fire and water damage restoration training prepares potential professionals in the industry with adequate knowledge to tackle destruction due to one or both catastrophes. Clean-up and repair go beyond the removal of liquid and smoke. Frequently, there are odors, ingrained moisture, and mold to consider. When addressed promptly and correctly repairs and health issues can be minimized.

Whether aiming to achieve certification as a Carpet Repair Technician, Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Technician, or Applied Structural Drying Technician, just to name a few, it is important to fulfill all certification requirements to provide customers with the peace of mind in placing their property in the hands of a well prepared professional.

Since its formation in 1972, the IICRC has certified tens of thousands of technicians worldwide. Each has undergone one of their approved programs to achieve the desired certification level. Fire and water damage restoration training courses cover the cleaning, inspection and actual refurbishment of the damaged areas.  Depending on the specialty an individual pursues, the amount of courses and length of time a program will entail will vary. Higher levels of certification can require more than one type of certificate and at least 3 to 5 years of industry experience. Once coursework has been completed with passing grades an exam is taken to achieve official certification. It is necessary to take continuing education credits to remain current in the industry and retain certification with the IICRC.

Upon completion of fire and water damage restoration training both the technician and their employer can advertise and acquire customer projects based on the expertise and experience the technician has obtained. In addition to the number of years in the industry, license documentation, and insurance company references, technicians can provide proof of IICRC certification. Customers can rest assured their home or business is in reputable hands and will be returned to its pre-disaster state.  During such a stressful situation this can be just the relief they need.

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