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What Education is Needed For Proper Furniture Cleaning?

While furniture cleaning has its own distinct certification track, many carpet cleaning professionals can benefit substantially from adding these skills to their range of expertise. One can easily compliment the other since water, fire, and other sources of flooring damage frequently impact the items on and around it.

Upholstery cleaning certification requires individuals to attend an informative two day seminar that covers all of the applicable areas necessary to carry out the job. The course ensures that technicians will have adequate information regarding furniture construction, fiber classification and content, treatment chemistry, and stain removal. Many times unexpected problems arise during the treatment process; therefore, the instructor will also provide examples of various scenarios and strategies for addressing them. Emphasis is placed on the importance of determining the most appropriate method that will safely achieve the best results.

The procedural criterion covered is based upon the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration's S300 Standard and Reference Guide issued in 2000. It offers detailed information regarding the benchmark for upholstery treatment as well as the basis for appropriate industry procedures. Substantial experience and research via industry experts, trade associations, chemical and equipment manufacturers, and training schools were among those consulted to compile the guide maximizing the detail and accuracy included.

For those individuals seeking further advancement in the furniture cleaning field, they can follow one or more of the available certification tracks. Each track has its own specific requirements. Following the initial upholstery technician class and one year of industry service, the Journeyman Textile Cleaner designation is achieved. In addition to the one year of service, the technician can choose to attend additional courses in odour control and fire and smoke restoration to be considered a Journeyman Fire and Smoke Restorer. To earn the designation of Master Textile Cleaner, at least three years of service following original certification is required as well as instruction in carpet treatment or commercial carpet maintenance, odour control, carpet repair and reinstallation, colour repair, and of course the upholstery and fabric seminar. Master Fire and Smoke Restorer status requires three years of service as well on top of coursework in carpet treatment, odour control, upholstery and fabric, fire and smoke restoration, and health and safety.

Whether a certification in furniture cleaning is achieved independent of or in addition to that achieved in carpet treatment, the knowledge and skill acquired during the seminar can prove to be quite beneficial. It can potentially boost a company and technician's qualifications as well as the profits they see as a result.

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