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What Does Water Damage Restoration Technician Training Offer?

IICRC certifies exceptional water damage restoration technician training that, upon completion, allows the professional in good standing to display the CleanTrust™ logo. IICRC accredits local schools which provide instructors with ANSI-approved standards who share the best techniques available. For the consumer, it is a trusted and recognized brand that guarantees high standards and the latest in industry excellence.  Additionally, the consumer rests easy knowing that the IICRC is constantly updating their standards to insure that those who are certified are learning the most current best practices.

Journeyman Water Restorer Cleans and Reconditions

The journeyman candidate for the water damage restoration technician training program has to have a minimum of one year active service and successfully complete the following courses:

The student begins with a 3-day course that encompasses roughly 19 hours of studying and learning with regard to water damaged structures. Both residential and commercial structures are explored as to how they are affected by the destructive power of water in emergency situations. The art of drying is emphasized so the student understands and can use the proper procedures to stop and remediate severe backflows, flooding, and contamination.

The candidate then spends 2 days and 16 hours studying proper protocol for carpet repair and reinstallation. Technicians are trained to inspect, clean, and repair the flooring, if necessary. A graduate can not only identify numerous problems, but also knows and can implement the best techniques to rectify them.  The carpet repair and reinstallation course is 16 hours long and spans 2-days. The student encounters many of the problems carpets present after water disasters. From identification to designing a course of action, students also learn the techniques and installations that accredited and trained personnel well above the rest. Of course, it is also important that the water damage restoration technician training courses teach the recognition, repair, and maintenance of a healthful carpet. Therefore, the student chooses from one of two courses: carpet repair and maintenance, or commercial carpet maintenance.

Master Water Restorer, the next level.

When it comes to water damage restoration technician training, there is nothing quite as prestigious as the master level certification. The professional requires 3-years of  continuous certification in good standing, the courses required for the journeyman, and the following courses:

The professional begins by learning how to dry the structure after flooding or a backflow. The course is 21 hours long and spans 3 days. Hands-on training is provided in order to better facilitate decision making and implementation. Then the candidate is required to take one of two courses offered on applied microbial remediation. The courses may be as long as 28 hours over the span of 4 days, as well as Applied Structural Drying and an approved Safety Course

Water damage restoration technician training is an important part of repairing property properly. No one can turn back time and change what has happened, but an IICRC certified professional can use their learned skills through the certification process and help  return the damaged property  to a restored, pre-loss condition.

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