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What Does A Mold Training Course Offer Technicians?

Eradicating a home, office, or building from mold can be a difficult and complicated process, making the need for a technician certified in mold training all the more important. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website, upwards of one half of buildings and dwellings have damp conditions that can lead to mold growth and bacterial production. Exposure can lead to respiratory problems, immune system responses, inflammation, fungal infections, and more. With health concerns such as these, it is essential that the technician handling the issue is highly knowledgeable, educated, and most importantly certified. Though mold certifications can be hard to come by, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has set the standard for the industry, offering technicians the highest level of certification in removal and remediation.

Value of Certification

Businesses and consumers highly value certifications, as it tells them that the technician or firm they’ve hired has gone the extra mile to ensure they are up to date on the latest procedures and industry standards. A mold training course offers technicians this type of opportunity to learn more about their field from the best in the business. Technicians can also use this unique certification to help grow their business or boost their resume for potential employers. Since mold removal is such an important public health issue, technicians who are certified become an important part of the solution to potential health crises in residential homes and commercial businesses. Continued training and education is also crucial for retaining employees, as it has been proven that furthering their skillset and being rewarded for their hard work makes employees feel more valued and empowered to continue at their position.

Qualified Instructors

The highest standards have been carefully created by using the best practices of restoration and remediation, scientific research, and practical experience. These standards, which have been derived from scientists, microbiologists, public health officials and industrial hygienists, are then taught to those technicians by qualified instructors. They can feel confident in the training they’re receiving as the course instructors are carefully selected and all have a history of working in the field. In addition to being experienced, mold training course instructors are also local, meaning the technician can train in their own city or nearby to make getting certified even easier.

Extensive Course Material

Mold training courses are among the most complex courses offered in the field. Technicians will experience hands-on instruction, detailed information on helpful strategies for remediation and removal, education on industry protocols, and more. In addition to evaluation, structure inspection, and removal techniques, professionals are also taught how to protect themselves from potential health hazards while on the job. They will also be skill tested to validate their comprehension of the material taught before being officially certified.

Once certified, trained technicians can use their skills to provide their clients with the absolute best remediation and removal services available. Their experience in a mold training course will help shape their career and ultimately provide a healthy environment for their clients to live and work in.

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