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What Does Mold Remediation Courses In Miami Offer Residents?

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration’s (IICRC) mold remediation courses are available in Miami every year, and can be a major help to technicians in the field. Florida takes fungal removal seriously, and is one of the few states that has tightened requirements for becoming an inspector or removal expert. That’s because peoples’ homes and health are at stake, and in the Sunshine State, the climate and conditions are ideal for fungal infestation. And once it roots in a home, it will quickly spread and threaten the well-being of anyone inside the building. Fortunately, the IICRC’s coursework can meet licensing requirements for many related positions in the state, and give technicians the skills they need to take on the threat head on.

Are there any mold remediation courses near Miami?

As one of the largest urban centers in Florida, there are a variety of IICRC classes available in the area around the year. Among them is the IICRC’s Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT), which provides most of the concepts a technician will need to remove fungal infestation. The WRT is usually taught out of the Fort Lauderdale area, which is a quick drive for technicians in the Miami-Hialeah-Hollywood region.

If the Fort Lauderdale class is not available soon enough for a professional, there are additional classes held throughout the state every year. This includes classes out of the Fort Myers area, which is a few hours away. Technicians located in north Florida can find several class locations out of Orlando, Jacksonville, St. Petersburg, Daytona Beach, and Santa Rosa Beach.

What can technicians learn at mold remediation courses in the Miami area?

The WRT consists of 19 hours of instruction time delivered over three days, and it includes theory and application related to water damage restoration and microbial removal. This includes water damage caused by a variety of sources, including damage caused by floods, sewage backflows, and plumbing leaks. As heavy storms and floods are a constant threat in the state, it is important for technicians to learn how to handle contaminated water, as this can spark a fungal infestation.

During the WRT, students will learn necessary safety procedures for working in and around contaminated water and how to protect themselves and others from airborne fungal contamination. Students will also learn how to identify compromised materials, search for microbial threats, dry structures properly, and remove any microbial contamination that is found. This includes viruses and bacteria in addition to fungi. For advanced concepts, IICRC registrants may consider the IIRC’s Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT) class or one of several ongoing educational classes offered online.
The WRT will also introduce modern equipment and methods to students so that they are prepared to face the challenges that Florida fungal removal experts must be ready to handle.

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