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What Determines A Carpet Cleaning Price?

Is there a universal carpet cleaning price for residential and commercial services throughout the industry?

No property or flooring type is the same, so it is not reasonable to have a standard go-to fee associated with this type of service. Not only will each location need a different type and depth of treatment, each company in the industry may charge differently than the next. From the steam method to the low-moisture, "dry" approach, the equipment and time involved can vary considerably. Additionally, customers may need technicians to provide add-on services such as moving furniture and stain treatment.

What types of cleaning treatments are available, and what determines the appropriate method?

Typically, a company will determine the best course of care based on the type of carpeting and the amount of soiling. The steam or hot water extraction approach is the most commonly utilized treatment, especially in residential locations, the method, as well as others, complies with carpet manufacturer’s warranty requirements. A mixture of hot water and cleaning solution drives into the material via portable or vehicle mounted high-pressure equipment to loosen up residue. Then the solution is suctioned out in order to leave minimal moisture behind. Customers should plan on a drying period of more than 24 hours for the best results.

In contrast, the dry method, also referred to as encapsulation, utilizes a liquid chemical solution with a small amount of water to draw out the dirt particles and encapsulate them, which are vacuumed up once dry.

No matter which technique is used, it should  be done by a technician that has successfully completed an Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) course on carpet cleaning and passed the test to receive a certification.

What is the difference between the per room and square footage methods for determining a carpet cleaning price?

Most companies in the industry employ one of the two ways for providing rates to their customers. The "per room" approach allows them to provide a flat rate for each room in the home or office. A room's rate may vary due to their range in square footage. The final price includes the number of rooms and other spaces such as hallways and staircases that have their own given rates.

When rates are based on square footage, an employee must visit the property to provide an accurate cost for the services needed. The rate per square foot commonly includes labor, equipment and products utilized.

Are there special services that can add to the final cost a customer is expected to pay?

While estimates should clearly declare included services, there may still be added charges depending on what extra services are needed along the way. Minimal movement of small furniture items, deodorizing, and minor spot treatment may be included in the cost, yet there are many optional services that can add to the bottom line. More labor intensive furniture movement, large stain removal, color repair, upholstery treatment, and working with specialty flooring can all add to the final cost. Initially, an added expense some choose is to  protect their carpeting with a topical carpet protector to decrease future damage and increase the time between professional cleanings.
Customers should always inquire about discounts that may be offered to customers who clean their carpet multiple times in a year to possibly bring their costs down.

How does a customer know that they are getting quality treatment for a reasonable and competitive cost?

A great resource for locating reputable companies is the IICRC's database of companies certified under their regulations. Their placement in the IICRC’s online locator guarantees that the technicians are highly qualified and educated in the methods necessary to improve the condition of any flooring. In addition, customers can seek the recommendations of previous clientele to determine the service they can expect in their home or office.

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