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What Is A Certified Firm Brochure

When it comes to hiring a company for carpet and upholstery restoration, a Certified Firm Brochure can help potential clients understand the importance of hiring a reputable company that is up to date on their techniques. Not every firm is certified, so outlining the qualities that earned that distinction can let consumers know who they are entrusting the care of their belongings to. A benefit of these brochures is that their presence attests to the professional quality of the services that are offered by a company that has them. Their purpose is to inform customers of the type of training that technicians at an inspection, cleaning or restoration business have undergone. In an industry that does not require any credentials to offer professional services, this extra education and knowledge can do a lot to convey dedication to the trade for potential clientele.  

Not just any business is allowed to purchase and distribute these brochures. Earning status in the Certified Firm registry and maintaining it is a stringent process. The credibility associated with this program is second to none in the carpet cleaning and restoration industry. Additionally, the program has been recently streamlined and strengthened, in order to create an even more high-caliber registry. Businesses associated with the registry are held to high standards, some of which exceed the quality of the services offered by those companies unaffiliated with the program. Having the Certified Firm Brochure is a way of assuring customers of the professionalism and skill of the technicians they are trusting.  

The Certified Firm Brochure is provided by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The IICRC has approved schools all over North America. The IICRC is a well-known name that can be trusted in the restoration, cleaning, and inspection industries. This non-profit organization is not only regional, but international. They help to set standards and provide the education for earning credentials in 25 countries worldwide. Businesses that are associated with the IICRC are known to have integrity and advanced technical skills within the industry.

The Certified Firm Brochure is available in packs of 100. The pamphlet provides factual information that customers of cleaning, inspection, and restoration services should be aware of. It encourages consumers to practice good maintenance on their flooring, no matter the type. It has a page that outlines the different categories of education offered by the IICRC, and explains why these courses are relevant in ensuring that technicians provide the best care possible. The Cleantrust logo, which is displayed on the brochure, is a service mark that is very well respected. It is easily recognizable and connotes high ethical standards, honest business practices and operations, and proficiency in the relevant areas. The presence of this symbol shows that all necessary formal training and testing has been completed by the technicians. It also provides the reassurance that the business has liability insurance. In addition, a business cannot display the Cleantrust logo if they do not have a written complaint policy and an agreement to accept the terms of an arbitration in case of a dispute.

Customers want a business they know they can trust. Buying the Certified Firm Brochure from the IICRC can provide consumers with confidence and peace of mind.

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