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What Are The Different Types Of Cleaning Courses?

What separates the top treatment technicians in the industry from everyone else is education, and certified cleaning courses through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is the best way to get that education. The industry has changed a lot in the last few decades, and treatment professionals are expected to offer modern, cost-effective services to their clients. Just because a firm has always done things a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the right way anymore, and professionals in the field that acknowledge this shift will be positioned well going forward.

What kind of education does the IICRC offer?

The IICRC’s foundation is it the Carpet Cleaning Technician courses, or CCT. The CCT is centered on the fundamentals of flooring treatment, and is a primary area of focus for the institute. In fact, the IICRC’s flooring treatment practices are considered industry best, and have been lauded by the American National Standards Institute, or ANSI. These standards have been implemented by tens of thousands of professionals around the world, and they are constantly updated to accommodate new technologies and methods.

During the CCT, students first learn how to identify the materials they are likely to work with on the job. This includes a variety of fibers and construction types, as every material handles certain treatment methods differently. Once a student has a grasp of the material science, they will learn the most effective methods for treating these materials, including getting hands on time with the newest technology in the industry. By the time a technician has worked through the CCT, they will have the tools and knowledge required to work in any setting and with carpeting in any condition.

The CCT is just the beginning for most technicians, though, and the IICRC offers more advanced cleaning courses for professionals that want to improve on their skillset further. For example, carpeting that has been neglected for a long time may be badly discolored or take on odors. Technicians that take the IICRC’s Odor Control Technician (OCT) or Color Repair Technician (CRT) courses can correct these common issues, and offer comprehensive service to their customers.

Although water and fire damage aren’t as common, they do represent major issues when they affect the carpeting. The IICRC’s cleaning courses include both fire and water damage restoration classes, both of which offer advanced techniques in dealing with both damage sources. The Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician (FSRT) and Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) courses also introduce professionals to some unique technologies like commercial grade pumps and thermal foggers.

Of course, many homes and businesses are built with flooring made from wood, stone, ceramic, and other resilient surfaces. The IICRC can also help a professional learn how to perform maintenance on these floors and keep them in excellent shape.

In short, the IICRC can provide the kind of education that any technician in the industry can benefit from, and use to greatly improve their career.

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