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What Are The Available Training Courses For Cleaners

Professionals entering or working in the carpet treatment industry should know that there are plenty of training courses for cleaners, and that they are essential to giving technicians the skills they need to do the job right. For decades, professionals learned everything while on the job and while under the guidance of more experienced technicians. While on the job learning does have its benefits, the push to standardizing the industry means that professionals are learning fundamental concepts through organizations like the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The reason why is that the IICRC’s standards are the most demanding in the world, and preferred by residential and commercial consumers alike. This means that if professionals want to succeed in the field, they should consider what the IICRC has to offer.

What training courses are available for carpet cleaners?

The primary IICRC class is the CCT (Carpet Cleaning Technician), which teaches professionals the basics in handling a variety of soiling conditions in the home. There is a class available for commercial treatment as well, and it will teach professionals how to manage larger scale jobs. During the CCT, professionals will learn how to identify all of the fiber and carpet types they are likely to encounter on the job. This is essential in determining the best method. Students will also analyze a number of soiling conditions to get comfortable in any work setting.

The students are exposed to a variety of cleaning methods, using the IICRC’s industry-defining S100 group of standards. The S100 has been recognized by the American National Standards Institute as the best of its kind, so it is the ideal resource for professionals. The S100 addresses the IICRC’s five pillars approach to treatment, which includes dry soil removal, soil suspension, suspended soil removal, drying and grooming. If a professional can execute all five pillars, then they can handle most jobs without complication.

The IICRC’s training courses for cleaners, like all of its classes, give professionals hands-on time with the latest methods and technology, giving them the technological edge in the field.

Students can complete the CCT in just a couple days, for a total of 14 hours of instruction time. Classes are available all over the world and throughout the year. All a technician has to do is check their local approved schools and look through their schedules. Unlike other organizations that offer training courses for cleaners, the IICRC offers its classes through a network of approved schools, allowing professionals to seek classwork no matter where in the world they live.

And if a professional wants to improve their skills further, they should consider taking classes in odor removal, color repair, upholstery cleaning, and carpet restoration and repair, among others. The more skills a professional picks up, the more valuable they will be to consumers and the more clientele they will be able to secure.

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