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What Are Some Issues With Cheap Carpet Cleaning Services

Saving money is always a priority for homeowners, which is why many make the mistake of looking for cheap carpet cleaning services instead of a certified, reputable firm. There are some areas where a homeowner can cut corners, but when it comes to their carpet care, a cut-rate crew is liable to do more harm than good. The fact is, before a technician can provide top notch service, they have to be properly trained. And unfortunately, too many firms don’t bother with training, or at least don’t verify that a new hire has the necessary skills and education. A homeowner might not be able to immediately see the difference, but it will become apparent before long.

What are the concerns with cheap carpet cleaning services?

There are two major problems with cut-rate firms. For one, they typically employ technicians that are not trained up, so they are prone to making mistakes during the process. Two, these firms often use substandard equipment that either doesn’t do its job right, or outright damages the carpet fibers. These firms aren’t held to any standard and aren’t typically part of professional associations that monitor their performance. A homeowner that hires them is taking a gamble, hoping that their lower rates don’t mean poor services. It’s not a gamble worth taking.

For example, hot water extraction is a standard form of service, even among cheap carpet cleaning services. However, during hot water extraction, it is essential that only the minimum amount of water needed is used. If excess water is injected into the carpeting, it may remain even after the technician passes back over it in an attempt to dry it. If water is allowed to sit for long, it will attract all kinds of pests, like insects, molds, bacteria, and even viruses. Water also picks up dirt and other particles, so any leftover water will accelerate the re-soiling process. Homeowners may then find that their carpet requires more frequent cleanings, spending just as much, or even more than they would have if they had opted for a certified professional to begin with.

Sometimes cheap carpet cleaning services are anything but, though they may present their fees in a way that makes them appear affordable. Maybe they advertise great prices up front, only to change those prices when they arrive at the home and inform the homeowner that a different kind of treatment is needed. Maybe their base rate is extremely low, but it may scale up quickly according to the size of the area, or if the carpet is particularly soiled.

A certified crew doesn’t play these kinds of games. With their thorough training and cutting edge equipment, a homeowner can rest assured that certified professionals offer the best combination of ability and ethics available in the industry.

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