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Webinar Series Archived

Certified Firm Only Webinars – All Archived Presentations Available Online

Did you know that all of the past IICRC’s Webinar Series presentations are archived on the Certified Firm section of the IICRC website?

We have more than 20 webinar presentations hosted by a variety of industry experts on topics ranging from tips to growing your business through online marketing, search engine optimization and social media best practices; to the ins and outs of using remote monitoring technology and pro-tips on Xactimate when creating stairs and macros.

After logging in to the Certified Firm only website, you can find the archived webinars in the Marketing Toolkit section under “Marketing Resources.” Or simply use this link:

Below is a quick-reference guide to all of the past webinars available and a list of what is planned for the rest of 2017!

If you don’t have your login information for the Certified Firm website, enter your Certified Firm number as your username and the last four digits of your primary business phone number on record with the IICRC as your password.

For questions or more information on the IICRC Webinar Series, email  

MARCH 2014

Make Your Website Rank: SEO 101
Have you ever wondered why a competitor's site is the first result when you conduct a Google search for "mold remediation companies" or "local carpet cleaners" and your business is listed on the second or third page?
Find out why during the IICRC’s upcoming webinar, "Make Your Website Rank: SEO 101," featuring Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert Beth Guide. In this one-hour webinar, Guide will offer tips on how to navigate the world of SEO and what it takes to make a website rank and drive traffic.

APRIL 2014

Google Local: Improving Your SEO and Your Online Reputation

Move over Angie’s List, Google Local is a (relatively new) Google+ feature that helps consumers identify and review businesses in their area. Similar to Yelp, Google Local uses a five-point scoring system, enabling users to rate businesses, upload pictures and provide other useful information about a business. It can also give your website significant visibility by enhancing your search engine optimization (SEO).
SEO expert Beth Guide will provide IICRC Certified Firms with an overview of what Google Local is, how to use it and ways to leverage it to improve your SEO and overall marketing efforts.

MAY 2014 (Audio Only)

Using Google+ and Social Media to Boost SEO
You’ve heard of Google, but do you know Google+? No, it’s not Google’s larger cousin, but an easy way you may be able to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. Combine that with a social media program, and you’ll be ranking higher in search results than ever before. Join us for the third of Beth Guide’s informative webinars, offering tips and techniques for you to improve your SEO.

JUNE 2014 (Audio Only)

Keywords: How to Develop Great Content that Boosts Your SEO 
Good content versus bad content – what’s the difference? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert Beth Guide will give you tips for developing good website content and provide you with examples of what not to do. She’ll also offer strategies for identifying which keywords your customers are using when searching for carpet cleaning and restoration services, so you can include these in your content.  Join us for this one-hour webinar and learn how to make your website rank.


Marketing 101: How to Start a Successful Marketing Plan in 30 Minutes or Less
Don’t have a marketing plan for your business? Then you’re leaving opportunities – and money – on the table. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-man start-up or an established, multimillion-dollar company; a good marketing plan gives you the tools to chart a path track your results. In this one-hour webinar, marketing expert Greg Brooks will identify marketing-plan basics, key performance indicators, signs of overplanning/underplanning and how to get started in 30 minutes or less.

SEPTEMBER 2014 (Audio Only)

Social Media Marketing: Obtaining a Continuous Awareness with Facebook
Learn tactics on Facebook that can help build and cultivate business relationships and create revenue opportunities.  Too often, business owners are trying to sell on social media causing their audience to turn away. Social media expert David Cherry of Visibly Connected will review the type of content that will cause your community to engage; growing your visibility to people you don’t know. You will learn that how you access your business page will determine how you can use it along with six different ways to grow your business. With the right strategy and content, you can use social media to grow your business through referrals.


Social Media Marketing: How to Create a Killer Facebook Company Page
This month’s webinar will focus on social media marketing and will highlight tips and tricks to stay visible on Facebook. Too often, business owners try to sell on social media causing their audience to turn away. Social media expert David Cherry of Visibly Connected will teach you the components of a successful social media campaign and show you how to create cool, interesting content for your posts that will turn engage prospects and turn them into raving fans of your business.

NOVEMBER 2014 (Audio Only)

Content Rock Stars: Simple Ways to Create Content that Rocks!
From social media to email blasts, we’re all trying to attract people to engage with our businesses and CLICK to read more, like our page, read our blog and more! Seems easy enough, but just like when we sat down to type that paper in high school – sometimes the words don’t flow as easily as we’d like. In this webinar hosted by PR and marketing experts from Mulberry Marketing Communications, we’ll review some easy ways you can develop a content calendar and create some fun and insightful content that ROCKS.

What you’ll learn:

  • A few basic “rules” about content
  • Tips for finding a “voice”
  • Sources to inspire your content
  • How-to develop a content calendar
  • And…a few words about length

DECEMBER 2014 (Audio Only)

More Referrals, Better Referrals: A Framework for Capturing Your Most Profitable Customers
Referrals are among the best, most profitable customers for cleaning and restoration professionals – they arrive on the scene without marketing expenditure and with a pre-sold good impression of your business. But too often, technicians in the field either don’t ask or – worse – ask for referrals poorly, blunting this sharp tool for increasing your sales. In this session, you’ll learn the best times and ways to ask for referrals, methods to go back and get referrals from old customers as well as those you’ve just signed, and secret tricks that can turn even a hesitant customer into someone happy to refer you to a friend or coworker.
Hosted by marketing expert Greg Brooks, West Third Group

JULY 2015

Low-Cost and No-Cost Strategies for High-Value Marketing
Looking for a high-quality marketing program without breaking the bank? This month’s Certified Firm-only webinar will feature tips for carpet cleaning companies on how to get high-level marketing results while keeping your money where it belongs – in your pocket! Hosted by John Downey, editor of the IICRC’s technical journal, the presentation will feature effective low-cost and no-cost marketing strategies to help you grow your firm and your wallet!


Tips to Grow Your Restoration Firm in a Highly Competitive Marketplace
Are you ready to drive the growth of your restoration business instead of relying on programs, weather and good luck?

This month’s Certified Firm-only webinar focuses on the restoration industry and will feature a series of steps that restorers can (and in some cases must) take if they are to survive and thrive in today’s competitive market.

Hosted by Tim Miller, president of a marketing strategy, recruiting and sales training company that works exclusively with restoration contractors, the webinar will share his strategies and tactics that have helped his clients generate nearly $100 million in new restoration business over the past 5 years.

The Little Things are the Big Things: Secrets of Highly Successful Cleaning and Restoration Companies
Why do some businesses seem to ‘have their act together’ while others don’t?  What can you learn from franchises in all industries without getting involved in one yourself?  And just what are the secrets of highly successful cleaning and restoration companies?

These are just some of the things you will learn when you tune in to next week’s Certified Firm-only webinar hosted by Fritz Thompson, the most certified man in our industry and the creator of six cleaning and restoration franchises.


Social Media: Best Practices for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
Is your firm active in social media? You should be!

This month’s Certified Firm only webinar will discuss the importance of using social media to build your brand and market your services. Hosted by Matt Serra from Mulberry Marketing Communications, the presentation will provide best practices for using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – and tips for growing your followers. The Webinar will also discuss the importance of creating and sharing great content and what resonates best with social audiences.


Remote Monitoring Technology: Pros, Cons and Uses in the Restoration Field
Remote monitoring technology brings significant promise to the restoration field.  It comes with a price, however.  In this month’s Certified Firm only webinar, IICRC-approved instructor and industry veteran Brandon Burton will address the pros and cons associated with implementing remote monitoring, from both a business and technical point of view. The session will also cover recent updates in the technology, and common misconceptions regarding functionality and purpose.

APRIL 2016

Xactimate 101: Creating Stairs with Ease
Are you currently using Xactimate in your Firm’s restoration work? Then this one’s for you!

In this month’s Certified Firm only webinar, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of using Xactimate to increase your overall proficiency– as well as working with stairs – using Xactimate 28 Sketch. Hosted by veteran Xactimate user, trainer and instructor, Sean Burgess, this presentation will discuss the whys and how-to’s of adding stairs to your sketch; creating and estimating a room below the stairs: using staircase variables to calculate surface areas; knowing which measurements you actually need; and more. 

MAY 2016

New Trends in the Ceramic Tile Industry and How They Can Affect Your Business
Nearly all tile failures result from improper installation. In this month’s Certified Firm only webinar, tile expert Bob Daniels will introduce you to products such as thin tile, glass tile and very large tile. It will discuss new test methods and installation techniques in order to reduce the opportunity for failures.

JUNE 2016

How to Radically Grow Your Restoration Business Without Spending Another Cent on Marketing!
Many restorers are not measuring one of the most important metrics in their operation: the close rates of leads that convert to inspections; inspections that convert to mitigation jobs; and mitigation jobs that convert to recon and contents work. Once the current status of these close rates is understood along with other simple data, restorers can calculate their lost opportunity cost which typically motivates them to take action!

Most restorers can add tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue simply by more efficiently closing the leads they are already receiving. This will allow them to grow their business substantially without any new marketing or sales expenses.

Hosted by Tim Miller, president BDA, Inc., a business development process improvement company, this Certified Firm webinar will walk attendees through how to calculate lost opportunity cost and the steps and processes they can take to start closing more jobs immediately!

JULY 2016

Successful Strategies for Cleaning Up-Sales
Need more money? Yes, you can make up to $5,000 EXTRA per month!

In this month’s Certified Firm only webinar, Jessika James, a cleaning and restoration industry expert, will share proven strategies for up-sales that will make you more money!

This presentation will help attendees better understand:

  • What an 'up-sale' is, and whether it will work
  • Which up-sales make the most profit
  • Soft selling techniques that are easy & fun
  • Proven sales practices that make more money

If you own a carpet and upholstery cleaning company, you can't afford to miss this free webinar!


Sailboats, Yachts, and Tall-Masted Ships: A Nautical Tale of Growth in Business
Businesses are like boats. They are always in motion, rarely sail in straight lines, and are constantly moving into new, uncharted water. Both require continual evaluation in light of the needs of their crew. In order to address those needs and make businesses grow, it is important to understand their characteristics, such as their focus, objectives, and challenges.

Hosted by Chuck Violand, founder and principal of Violand Management Associates, and president of the Restoration Industry Association (RIA), this Certified Firm webinar will detail three different “classes” of companies, along with how to identify and address the cautionary winds that threaten to blow them off course.

  • The “Sailboat” Company:
  • The “Sailing Yacht” Company
  • The “Tall-Masted Ship” Company

Beyond a strong grasp on the characteristics and needs of a business, its members must be able to recognize and evaluate different cautionary winds. Identifying problems and addressing them early on is necessary to effective navigation.


“Xactimate 201: Creating Meaningful Macros”

Are you currently using Xactimate in your Firm’s restoration work? Then this one’s for you!
In this month’s Certified Firm only webinar, Sean Burgess is back with a look at creating meaningful macros. As a veteran Xactimate user, trainer and instructor, Sean will show you how to save time and make your day-to-day Xactimate use easier with some helpful tips. Discussion topics include: How to include notes and save note templates; different types of macros: mini, mega and all-in-one; practical considerations when naming your macros; how to incorporate macros into your workflow; and suggestions on creating a scope sheet.

MAY 2017

Cleaning Structures for Chemically Sensitized Individuals
Cleaning and restoration contractors seem to be faced with increasingly challenging situations each year.  Knowing how to respond to those challenges will set you apart from other companies as well as reduce your liabilities and offer you the opportunity for a new business niche in your local area.

In this webinar hosted Michael Pinto, we focus on the niche market of cleaning structures for sensitized individuals. Michael will explain the fundamental approaches to this type of specialized cleaning, including specific techniques for source removal, neutralization, accelerated off-gassing and oxidation.  Understanding these basic concepts will allow the contractor to choose the most effective method of cleaning based on the specific sensitivities and existing circumstances in the building.

JUNE 2017

The Art of Networking to Grow Your Business
When it comes to marketing in today’s small business world, everyone is so focused on social media, marketing plans and search engine optimization (SEO), that they don’t go out and meet people any more. Many business owners overlook the importance of getting offline and getting out into the “real world.”

In this webinar hosted by industry veteran Howard Partridge, we discuss the art of networking to grow your business. Howard will touch on low cost ideas for getting out and meeting potential customers – in person – as well as how you can cultivate those relationships and ultimately grow your business.

JULY 2017

How to Deal with Insurance Claims and Get Paid Faster
The largest home lenders and homeowner’s insurance companies in the U.S. have created a system of checks and balances designed to protect their interests in the insured home. But in doing so, they have created a series of timing impossibilities that lead to significant delays in getting you paid. The solution? Know the process, and help the homeowner help you.

In this webinar, host Dave Dybdahl will discuss useful tips to avoid time delays in getting paid for completed insurance restoration work and help cut your receivable time by 30 days.


August: “No One Ever Asks Me if I’m Certified” with Howard Partridge
September: “Marketing Your Cleaning Business Better in Google” with Daisy Foster
October: TBD
November: “Technology Transfers” with Michael Pinto
December: “Becoming an Expert in a Specific Field” with Jenny Boymal

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