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5 Ways A Technician Benefits From Taking Carpet Cleaning Classes

There are many reasons why a technician should consider investing in IICRC-approved carpet cleaning classes. The IICRC (Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) sets the standards for the carpet cleaning industry. A technician who rises to the challenge of further education and training proves that he or she will meet those rigid standards and gain a level of expertise that sets them apart from non-certified workers.

Certification Engenders a Feeling of Confidence in Clients

Taking carpet cleaning classes from IICRC-approved schools can lead to certifications that will let prospective clients and employers know that a technician has taken the extra steps necessary to become more knowledgeable in the field. Consumers like to know that they are hiring the best professionals for the job at hand. Engaging the services of accredited technicians brings them a feeling of confidence. They like knowing that a certain competency level has been achieved, and that the right choice has been made and that they will get value for the money they spend. It increases a tech’s reputation for reliability and a continuing relationship with the customer. In short, when a consumer has confidence in a technician’s abilities, customer loyalty is formed.

Industry Recognition

The values of continuing education and certification lie in recognition from the industry. It is a testimonial to what a tech can accomplish. It is not easy completing carpet cleaning classes. It takes concentrated effort and a willingness to achieve. The industry is cognitive of this and duly impressed with individuals who strive to improve their knowledge and expertise.

Added Value to Employers

Further education enhances a technician’s worth to prospective employers. It also enhances the overall reputation of a company that can field technicians with advanced certifications. Consumers are a savvy group. They know how to shop and compare. They know that a little research on the internet can yield a lot of knowledge about a carpet cleaning firm. They will be more likely to hire a company that employs certified technicians.

Professional Distinction

IICRC approved carpet cleaning classes indicate a level of professional distinction that is recognized by colleagues, peers, and employers, worldwide. It solidifies a technician’s professionalism and bolsters career opportunities. It has a positive impact on hire-ability, both for the individual professional and the company for whom he or she will ultimately work.


Carpet cleaning classes offer the opportunity for specialization. An individual can reach two levels of expertise at IICRC-approved schools, Journeyman, and Master. Achieving these involves a combination of experience, the classroom, and hard work. The results are undeniably positive. A technician can attain an expert level and have the certification to prove it.

Staying current with the latest developments and training is a worthwhile endeavor. The rewards are great and create opportunities that are wide open for employment and advancement. Continuing education is almost always a good idea, and in this case, it can make a real difference in a career and the value of a carpet cleaning technician.

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