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5 Ways To Help Get Odor Under Control In A Home

If a homeowner wants a happy family and a healthy house, they’ll need to practice odor control from time to time. Pet waste, spilled food, smoke and chemicals can all leave the carpet, and by extension, the home, smelling rather pungent. If it gets bad enough, the smell can cause people to become nauseous or just be extremely distracting. Smoke and ash, in particular, is troublesome as it can inflame mucus membranes and trigger respiration conditions like asthma. Fortunately, with some regular care, it is possible for homeowners to prevent many foul smells from taking root, and when that’s not enough, certified professionals can rid the home of nearly any stench imaginable.

What are some helpful odor control techniques?

There are several ways to mitigate or remove repulsive smells altogether, but the right approach will depend on what is causing the stench to begin with. So, here are five things to keep in mind when combatting unwanted smells:

  • Fresh air is always helpful. No matter what smells a homeowner is contending with, fresh air will help improve the situation if it is allowed to circulate through the building. It’s always best, then, to open up the windows when possible and allow nature to do some of the work.
  • Respond quickly to general stenches. The longer a homeowner waits to deal with the problem, the harder it will be to remove. The best way to perform general odor control is to wash the affected area with warm soapy water right away, using an antibacterial soap during the cleaning. Then, apply some white vinegar to the area, mixed with water, to disinfect the carpet patch completely. This will help prevent smells from returning.
  • Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Vacuuming regularly should be part of a general approach to carpet care, and it can help neutralize stenches over time as well. However, be sure to change out the bag frequently, as it can produce a musty smell itself if it is allowed to hang around. For bagless vacuums, homeowners should clean out the dust collection container often.
  • Smoke is a major pain to deal with, especially without the use of commercial products. Sometimes, the only way to completely get rid of the smell of smoke is to hand wash any walls or floors that have come in contact with the smoke, as it can adhere to surfaces easily. If the smoke was produced from a small source, it may be possible to wash away the smell.
  • Baking soda is a cheap and effective form of odor control. Baking soda is designed to pick up foul smells and neutralize them, so if a homeowner sprinkles the baking soda on the carpet and allows it to sit for hours, or even days, it can pick up a lot of unwanted smells once it’s vacuumed up.

These basic techniques will help a homeowner guard their house from various stenches, but when these methods are not enough, certified professionals can be a homeowner’s trump card.

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