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Using A Natural Odor Eliminator For A Green Alternative

With the help of a natural odor eliminator unwanted smells can be removed from any home or office. From pets to cooking, unpleasant aromas can linger well beyond its original occurrence and many occupants may not know how to resolve the problem. Many may believe it means a trip to the store to purchase a chemical based cleaner, but that is not the case. Utilizing a natural odor eliminator is a green alternative that will not only perform the necessary task in a safe manner, it will do so at a much more affordable price.

At one point or another most people have had a less than pleasant scent to tackle. Knowing the source of the aroma is helpful as the treatment approach can vary between location and cause. Lingering smells can occur in the kitchen after cooking, or when rotten food is not disposed of and left in the garbage disposal. In the bathroom it can be based on a lack of cleaning thoroughly or a build-up of moisture causing mildew. Pets are a large contributor to the horrible smells that can remain in a single room or even the whole home.  They may come from the cat's litter box, areas of inadequate clean-up following an "accident", or the dirty pet themselves. Other potential sources of bad aromas are closets, drawers, shoes, freshly painted walls, and dust. The possibilities can vary depending on the age of the building, the inhabitants, and the cleaning routine utilized throughout the space.

Rather than choosing a potentially harmful product from the local grocery store, there is typically a natural odor eliminator on-site already. Unlike the chemical based option, many ingredients around the home can be utilized for a greener resolution. They are safer for the people and animals in the vicinity as well.

The most commonly utilized product is baking soda. It fulfills numerous purposes when unwanted smells remain. Bowls or even the box itself can be placed in rooms or smaller spaces to absorb the unwanted scents. Frequently this is done in refrigerators, cupboards, and closets. Though this is a great natural remedy for unpleasant smells, industry leaders advise against using it on carpeting or rugs. The reason is that it cannot be thoroughly vacuumed up. Over time it will build up and create a major dust issue in the home. If strong pet odors are present, it may be time to consult with a professional for the best results. While not suggested for use on flooring, this universal ingredient can be effective for reducing the musty aroma in a basement, and eradicate any cigarette smell that has been brought in to the home. As a natural odor eliminator baking soda is convenient and affordable to obtain.

Vinegar is another highly used product for removing unpleasant smells while leaving behind a fresh, clean scent. It can be added to the water during a wash cycle to freshen up clothes, poured down a drain when a rotten smell remains, used to take away bad pet smells in carpet, and placed in bowls in small areas to take away any unwanted aroma.

The number of items that can be repurposed as a natural odor eliminator is substantial. Lemons can deodorize cutting boards and garbage disposals, while its juice can assist in freshening up clothing. Oranges that have been covered in cloves can be hung in small spaces such as closets, pantries and small offices. Bags of the volcanic mineral Zeolite will alleviate undesirable scents when placed in a room, and dryer sheets can be placed near old books or other older items to absorb their musty smell. Other items known to have aroma reducing abilities include sidewalk chalk, vanilla, newspaper, borax, and pine or cedar wood pieces.

If any of these methods do not work, one should consider contacting a professional carpet cleaning service that can do a more thorough and professional job of eliminating unwanted smells in the home. They will often have updated knowledge on the best natural odor eliminator and its applications for long lasting freshness.

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