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Types Of Carpet Cleaning Training & Certification Offered

Proper carpet cleaning training and certification can provide a major advantage for a technician, giving them an unbeatable edge over the competition. According to consumer surveys of the industry, homeowners place a major emphasis on a technician’s education before selecting one. Without the reputation and skill boost that comes with proper education in the field, a technician may find it extremely difficult to bring in additional clientele. Fortunately, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or the IICRC, can help a technician round out their knowledge base and offer superior service in a highly competitive industry.

What kinds of carpet cleaning training and certification does the IICRC offer?

Since 1972, the IICRC has focused on introducing new technology and methods to technicians in the flooring and textile treatment industries. Initially, the IICRC primarily worked with steam treatment methods and helped technicians adapt to this major change in the industry. Since then, though, the IICRC has expanded its coursework to a number of fields, including textile repair, odor removal, water damage remediation and more.

However, the IICRC’s most popular class remains the Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT) course. The CCT forms the foundation for the institute’s other classes and should be considered a must for anyone considering the textile treatment field. The CCT is taught over two days for a total of 14 hours of instruction altogether and covers a multitude of important concepts in the field. These concepts include fiber and fabric identification, evaluating soiling conditions, the science behind the textile treatment and the best methods and technology available to technicians. During the CCT course, students will learn the IICRC’s five pillars approach to flooring treatment. These steps, which include drying, grooming, soil suspension, dry soil removal and suspended soil removal, are essential to providing complete service to a client.

All of the IICRC’s classes are available through certified instructors found throughout the world. These instructors have been approved by the institute and can pass on the IICRC’s practices to others. This provides a convenient way for technicians to learn the skills they need for success.

What can a technician do once they have carpet cleaning training and certification?

In addition to improving their standing in the industry, completing the CCT course can open up the way for additional designations in the future. This includes journeyman and master status in textile treatment, both of which can help a technician stand out even more. Journeyman status is available once an IICRC registrant attains a year of experience in the textile treatment industry and completes two additional IICRC courses. Master status opens up after a technician acquires three years of industry experience and completes two more classes for a total of five complete courses total.

Registrants also have access to the IICRC’s vast resources and are able to connect with other successful industry members to better improve their own standing.

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