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There Are A Number Of Different Odor Removal Techniques

Smoke odor removal can sometimes be accomplished by washing down hard surfaces with a mild soap and water solution.  Other cleaning products may be needed to eliminate all of the smell, and interior surfaces of any enclosed spaces, such as drawers or cabinet shelves, must be thoroughly cleaned as well.  Soft surfaces can be cleaned with various deodorizing products that neutralize smells.  Homeowners should never use products that mask smells, however.  One of the most effective deodorizing agents is activated charcoal, which will naturally absorb unwanted smells in a room that has been damaged by fire or excessive cigarette usage.

However, even if do-it-yourself cleaning is successful, professional assistance is normally required for cleaning ventilation, HVAC systems, and duct work.  Smoke odor removal in these places often requires special tools and materials which are either very expensive or very difficult for laypeople to obtain.  Some smells may be too entrenched within surfaces for ordinary tools to remove.  Upholstery, bed clothes, and garments absorb smoke so deeply that only special agents can eliminate the contaminants.  

Do-it-yourself attempts at pet odor removal often work for smells that can be eliminated with a variety of readily available materials
.  Something as simple as a black light can be used to locate bodily fluids that have soiled carpet, bed sheets, and furnishings.  Often a wet white paper towel can be used with an enzymatic cleaner to get rid of urine and feces stains.  Professional cleaners also use enzymatic cleaners that may not be sold on the open retail market.  Many pet stains and odors are so deeply saturated into the fabric that it requires professional tools and certified expertise to completely neutralize the smells they emit.  

The effectiveness of home carpet cleaning methods depends on how deeply entrenched the contaminants are in the carpet
.  It also depends on what exactly the contaminants are.  Whereas there are only four sources of smoke and pet odor (fire, tobacco, urine, or feces), there are dozens of possible sources for a bad smell coming from the carpet.  Not only are professionals needed to eliminate these smells, they are also typically needed to identify the source of the smell.  Even professional odor removal techniques depend on identifying the nature of the contaminants before the appropriate materials and methods can be used to eliminate them.  

Another problem area within the home is the kitchen.  Most people would assume that the bathroom is the most problematic area when it comes to offensive odors, but many homeowners frequently find it easier to control the smell of the bathroom than they do the smells coming from the sink, garbage disposal, and even the dishwasher.  In fact, any surface in the kitchen that comes in contact with perishable materials can quickly spoil the aroma of the entire room.

Pouring bleach down the drain or using ice cubes to dislodge food from the garbage disposal are two very common and effective do-it-yourself odor removal techniques
.  Baking soda and lemon juice can also act as both disinfectants and deodorizers.  However, more stubborn smells must often be removed by professionals who will first identify the contaminant and secondly use special materials for eliminating the odor.  Not only are things like standard garbage and typical foods sources of bad smells, but decaying protein, and even smells that can travel through pipes, like sewage, can contaminate the environment of a kitchen.

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