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The Two Approved Types Of Carpet Cleaning Certification Courses

The IICRC approves two types of carpet cleaning certification courses offered through established partner schools. One focuses on predominantly residential services, the other on primarily commercial applications.


Of the two carpet cleaning certification courses approved by the IICRC, the CCT class concentrates primarily on residential services
. This program teaches students practical procedures to be applied in the field. Topics include identification of fibers and yarn, as well as textile flooring types and finishes. Other subject matters are dyeing and colors, textures and proper techniques. In addition, the class discusses soil removal science and methodology, maintenance of broadloom carpet, and various soiling conditions. Light commercial applications are also presented during this well-rounded, two-day program.


The second of the two IICRC-approved carpet cleaning certification courses is directed mainly at technicians involved in the maintenance of commercial buildings. This class makes heavy use of IICRC S100 Standard and Reference Guide techniques, and covers safety procedures along with proactive ways to maintain commercial floor coverings. Students will also learn the significance of preventive, interim, restorative, and salvage procedures, and their incorporation in a successful maintenance program for commercial textile floor coverings. Other topics covered are the history of textile flooring, dyeing and colors, chemical considerations, over-wetting, the difference between real and apparent soil, and more. This comprehensive class is also a two-day program.

Each of the two IICRC-approved carpet cleaning certification courses must be taken in person at an IICRC-accredited school
. The IICRC website provides prospective students with a list of academies, locations, and dates.

Students take an exam at the end of each program to achieve IICRC certification
. Upon completion, the test (accompanied by the applicable application and fee) is sent to the IICRC for processing. Students who successfully passed the examination subsequently receive their credentials by mail. Those who are unable to take the test immediately upon completion of the course, as well as those who failed the exam, must contact an exam monitor in their area for an opportunity to take (or retake) the test within 90 days.

Completion of either the CCT or CCMT class allows certified technicians to further their knowledge with continuing education classes
. CCT or CCMT certification is one of the prerequisites for advanced titles like Journeyman/Master Textile Cleaner or Journeyman/Master Water Restorer.

IICRC-approved carpet cleaning certification courses are ideal educational options for technicians who are new to the industry and want to become familiar with methodologies and procedures. IICRC recognition can also increase the marketability of long-established professionals. For those who are already experts in their field, IICRC certification serves as documentation of their education by a respectable institution on paper. IICRC-recognized professionals have earned the privilege to display the CleanTrust logo.  It is an emblem that evokes trust and confidence in consumers, and represents high standards in terms of the technician’s proficiency and ethics.

Enrollment in IICRC-approved classes also ensures that professionals are knowledgeable in the latest methodologies and technologies. As the industry undergoes constant change, it is imperative that even well-established professionals keep up with the latest trends and techniques.

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