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The Steps For A Carpet Cleaning Certification

The steps needed to achieve carpet cleaning certification are just as arduous and prestigious as those of any other comparable trade. Much like accountants, plumbers, and many other types of professionals, the amount of training and credentials acquired through proper training is directly proportional to the skill set and reputability one will have. This is an essential process to undergo, as today’s prospective clients are generally connected to the Internet and can easily find many different review and listing websites that specify a specific individual’s past education and background.

The organization that oversees the training and credentials in the field of maintaining and restoring carpets is the IICRC, or Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The IICRC acts simply as an accreditation, guidelines and industry standards-setting entity. Thus, the IICRC does not endorse or run any educational facilities of its own, nor does it have any instructors on staff.

Carpet cleaning certification must be sought through one of the many schools that the IICRC has approved through its Board of Directors. This approval is derived from certain criteria that an educational facility must meet in order for its graduates to qualify for these prized professional credentials. These individuals must successfully complete the necessary written exam as well as demonstrate the skills taught in each class needed for accreditation.

There is a wide variety of different courses that allow professionals to choose the type of materials and areas with which they work in their daily jobs. These can range from cleansing carpeting, rugs, and marble, wood, or stone floors as well as specific materials such as leather. Carpet cleaning certification is no different, with many prospective students seeking expertise in flooring restoration or reinstallation. An individual is free to explore many different types of courses, allowing them the choice to do general work, or specialize in a particular type of restoration project. This allows them to have more credibility when prospective clients are looking for a professional who can handle a variety of scenarios, some of which may include sentimental or antique floor coverings.

The IICRC handles basic carpet cleaning certification, though students can qualify as an IICRC Journeyman on up to the highest of qualifications as an IICRC Master. With the always evolving types of textiles and installation technique, each student must acquire at least two credits every four years to maintain their accreditation. Informed potential customers find that checking that a professional’s licensing status is useful in choosing a reputable individual, making it even more important for professionals to maintain the proper licenses and credentials.   

Long-distance and online training exists as well, making it much more accessible to individuals who would otherwise not be able to attend the specific institutions that some IICRC-approved schools provide for education.

Doing this, however, does not allow individuals to obtain their carpet cleaning certification
. It simply allows already trained professionals to continue with their education credits through a variety of training mediums such as video courses and online studies. Obtaining the proper training, experience, and necessary credentials will pay dividends for the flooring restoration specialist in finding and keeping a satisfied clientele.

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