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The Primary Goals Of A Carpet Cleaning Franchise

One of the primary goals of a carpet cleaning franchise should be to obtain professional certification from a recognized organization familiar with industry practices, and there is none more qualified than the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). For a carpet cleaning franchise, maintaining certification from the IICRC has a multitude of benefits, including professional recognition, developing industry relationships, as well as adhering to the highest level of industry standards and ethics.

Flooring restoration and maintenance work is a large undertaking for consumers, and more often than not, they search for the IICRC’s international symbol of professional efficiency and standards. Not only does the IICRC represent high standards for industry practices, but they also serve as a database for potential consumers of carpet restoration services. Every year, thousands visit IICRC’s website in search of Certified Firms throughout the world. Essentially, franchises that pursue and maintain certification from the IICRC gain exposure to countless potential clients by default. Although carpet cleaning service companies are not required to possess IICRC credentials, doing so will grant access to infinite opportunities of continuing professional education and access to a nearly endless supply of potential customers. The IICRC actively maintains their website’s referral database, which consumers can access using the “Locate a Pro” tool. This function is an invaluable asset to any carpet cleaning franchise.

As a registrant of the IICRC’s elite union of industry professionals, a carpet cleaning franchise can also cultivate valuable industry-wide relationships. These associations can help streamline business practices as well as potentially lower vendor costs for franchisees. The IICRC continually pursues relationships with chemical manufacturers, fiber producers, and various other suppliers in the flooring maintenance and restoration industry to ensure its registrants the highest quality materials and equipment to service customers. In addition to these valuable relationships, the use of IICRC-certified professionals is stated in manufacturers’ publications and warranty brochures throughout the business.

The IICRC is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which governs the practices and guidelines that directly impact businesses in nearly every industry from creation to dissemination. As a member of ANSI, the IICRC and its respective registrants have pioneered the establishment of mainstream industry practices and reference manuals for professional carpet restoration and maintenance. Registrants of the IICRC enjoy the knowledge and experience of ANSI-backed standards. Businesses that are not recognized by the IICRC are susceptible to practicing poor business methods in both the efficiency of work and knowledge of the industry.

The IICRC is an organization with international outreach across the flooring maintenance industry
. Its outreach encompasses thousands of consumers and businesses alike. As a carpet cleaning franchise, continuing IICRC registrants belong to a coalition with nearly infinite access to potential markets and industry relationships. The IICRC works concurrently with various organizations to increase awareness of registered businesses, such as partnering with the American Home Furnishings Alliance to suggest the use of IICRC Certified companies that specialize in fabric and upholstery maintenance. Becoming a registrant with the IICRC is a voluntary venture, but committing to this organization has the potential to infinitely expand a growing company’s market share of the upholstery cleaning and restoration business.

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