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The Options For Pursuing A Carpet Cleaning Education

Without the benefit of a carpet cleaning education, a technician may be less effective at his or her job.  Although some in the industry may deem official training unnecessary, it actually adds great value to the service. Through proper training, amateur mistakes can be overcome. Someone who has taken courses will know what kinds of chemicals, solvents, and soaps can be safely used on which materials without fear of bleaching them or damaging the textile. There are specific techniques and procedures utilized for the removal of different types of stains.  

There are a few different avenues for learning how to entirely remove stains in both commercial and residential settings. There are professionals and teachers who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and improving the abilities of their peers. A carpet cleaning education can be obtained locally, or it can be pursued online.  A wide range of class schedules easily accommodates anyone who wishes to become the best in his or her craft.   

IICRC-approved schools offer a wide variety of classes, ranging from general knowledge courses to those that specialize in certain elements of restoration or care. These courses are designed to do much more than simply offer information on procedures. They also help technicians understand the science behind the stain removal, such as the importance of pH, and proper combinations of the chemicals used. These schools also offer coaching packages, so that someone with a challenging job, or questions, can have an experienced professional assist them with advice.

Getting a carpet cleaning education is not an arduous task. The majority of the classes run only about two days. Upon successfully completing exams, professionals can become certified in odor removal and control in as little as one day. Some of the courses are purely academic, while others offer demonstration elements. They also offer the opportunity to build upon the knowledge they give with Continuing Education Credits (CEC). These courses help technicians to maintain their certification and to develop specialties. Some cover the basics, while others focus solely on Oriental rugs. All of the CECs are one-day classes or workshops that offer hands-on experience. These can be attended in person, or they can be earned through home study or video formats. The online and off-site courses take longer than a few days to complete and rely on the speed with which the student can work through the material.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is one of the most respected centers for carpet cleaning education. They offer certification in 25 countries worldwide, and through their services, they help set the standards of the industry.   Although the the IICRC is the most well-known in its field, and the most far reaching, there are other educational options such as the Carpet and Fabricare Institute, which has locations in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

While there are no requirements for certification in textile care, someone who takes the time to pursue a carpet cleaning education is demonstrating dedication to their craft.

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