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Thank You To Committee Chairs Volunteers

On behalf of the Board we’d like to thank all our volunteers at this time and in particular our Committee chairs for all of the work that they do on behalf of our industry. They are as follows:


Name Committee & Position Division
Barry Lichtenstein Registrant Standards Chair Stand Alone
Bill Doan S800 Chair Standards
Bo Bodo Division Chair Textile
Brian Kornet DSMRC (Dimension Stone Maintenance and Restoration Craftsman) Chair Hard Surface
Bruce Newbrough Inspection Sub Division Chair Hard Surface
Bruce Newbrough ISSI (Substrate subfloor Inspector) Chair Hard Surface
Bruce Vance HCT (House Cleaning) Chair Textile
Carey Mitchell ACI (Applied Carpet Installation) Chair Textile
Carey Vermeulen Cleaning Maintenance Sub Division Chair Textile
Chad Rhoden General Sub Division Chair Restoration
Claudia Lezell Hard Surface Standard Chair Standards
Dane Gregory SMT (Stone Masonry Tile Tech) Chair Hard Surface
Doug Bowles RCT (Rug Cleaning Technician) Chair Textile
Doug Bradford S100 Chair Standards
Ed Hobbs S300 Chair Standards
Evan Lauridsen RFI (Resilient Flooring Inspector) Chair Hard Surface
Gregg Laviolette S210 Chair Standards
Howie Wolf Standards Chair Standards
Jack Freedman Inspection Standard Chair Standards
Jeff Bishop General Inspection Sub Division Chair Textile
Jeff Bishop SCI (Carpet) Chair Textile
Jeremy Reets WRT (Water Restoration) Chair Restoration
Jessika James UFT (Upholstery) Chair Textile
Jim Pearson S520 Chair Standards
Jim Smith CRT (Color Repair) Chair Restoration
John Downey SOA program/committee Chair Stand Alone
John Lacy RFMT (Resilient Floor Maint) Chair Hard Surface
Josh Frink WFMT (Wood Floor Maint Tech) Chair Hard Surface
Joy Finch Education Committee Chair Education
Kent Berg S540 Chair Standards
Kevin Fisher ASD (Applied Structural Drying) Chair Restoration
Kevin Jones Water Sub Division Chair Restoration
Lee Senter HST (Health & Safety) Chair Restoration
Lindell Lummer MSI (Marble & Stone Inspector) Chair Hard Surface
Mark Exner Instructors Advisory Committee Chair Stand Alone
Mark Warner Division Chair Hard Surface
Martin Brookes CTI (Ceramic Tile Inspector) Hard Surface
Michael Morrow Cleaning Maintenance Sub Division Chair Hard Surface
Mickey Lee CDS (Commercial Drying Specialist) Chair Restoration
Mickey Lee S500 Chair Standards
Peter Crosa Insurance Industry Panel Chair Industry Panel
Rachel Adams AMRT (Microbial Remediation) Chair Restoration
Rachel Adams BMT (Building Moisture Thermography) Chair Restoration
Rick Alston FCT (Floor Care) Chair Hard Surface
Rick Love CCT (Carpet) Chair Textile
Roy Reichow WLFI (Wood Laminate Flooring Inspector) Chair Hard Surface
Sandy Bowles FSRT (Fire & Smoke Restoration) Chair Restoration
Scott Armour MRS CSC (Mold Remediation Specialist) Chair MRS Certification Scheme Comm
Scott Mims Content Restoration Task Force Chair Task Force
Shawn Bisaillon CCMT (Commercial Carpet) Chair Textile
Sonny Bass Exams Chair Exams
Steve Andrews RRT (Repair & Reinstallation) Chair Textile
Steve Poulos LCT (Leather Cleaning Technician) Chair Textile
Tom Jennings S600 Chair Standards
Tony Macaluso OCT (Odor Control) Chair Restoration

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