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Taking An EPA Mold Remediation Course

The EPA Mold Remediation course is an informative means for professionals in numerous fields to gain adequate knowledge regarding this common, yet unhealthy growth. Whether in a home, office, or school, specialists who are treating the environment for those inside must be aware of prevention and treatment methods. From the extreme health risks involved, to all of the equipment necessary for eradicating a problem, this type of training provides a full spectrum of related information. While the mold remediation course does not certify attendees, it is a beginning point that provides a host of helpful information.

What this course generally teaches is that under the right conditions, mold grows both indoors and out.  It grows on plants, soil, and anywhere the food and water it requires to survive is available. Utilizing plants, organic matter and moisture, mold growth and sporulation takes place one or more times a week. In the indoor living space mold growth is typically found in bathrooms because they are repeatedly wet, where skin cells, oils and soap residue are a food source. Building dampness caused by high humidity, leaks and condensation are attractive environments for spores to colonize. Not only can mold growth create an unsightly appearance, it has a musty smell, and it can cause health problems to sensitive individuals. Depending on the type of mold, common health responses include asthma, eye irritation, headaches, and respiratory difficulty.

When a home or business is faced with this sort of problem, it should be taken care of immediately to minimize the consequences
. With the knowledge gained from the EPA on this matter, a mold remediation course will teach an individual to be capable of assessing the situation and determining the proper approach to eliminating the fungus. The training is directly related to the document called "Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings" issued by the Environment Protection Agency in 2001. It covers a full range of topics based on 9 chapters of related information. The curriculum begins with an overview of what the fungus is and what causes its growth. It moves along to further cover where and how to find the source of moisture, basic plans of attack, and the handling of the surrounding environment. Finally, it provides information regarding its containment, prevention of additional moisture, and the handling of those living or working in the space that may need attention.

Upon completion of the EPA mold remediation course, the professional becomes eligible for further education credits
.  Certification of this type can be earned through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, known as the IICRC for short. They are an industry leader in many areas, with this subject included.

From the testing to the containment and clean-up of any harmful fungus, a thorough EPA Mold remediation course will provide the necessary framework for an in depth awareness of the guidelines and procedures needed to adequately eradicate the fungus and prevent it from returning. While other agencies provide similar training and certification, it is essential to have a complete understanding of the government’s published standards and choose a course that follows them closely.

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