BSR-IICRC S210 Dimension Stone Restoration

BSR-IICRC S210 Standard and Reference Guide for Dimension Stone Maintenance and Restoration

With various individuals competing for the stone maintenance and restoration dollar there is a need to standardize terminology and service procedure methodologies to bring consistency to the industry. This New Standard and Reference Guide will encompass the cleaning, maintenance, restoration, rehabilitation, preservation methodologies, and repair for interior dimension stone.

The S210 Consensus Body Chair is Gregg Laviolette and Vice Chair is Martin Brookes.

Current Status: The S210 Standard Consensus Body had it’s initial web meeting on June 20, 2013. IICRC is accepting applications from interested members for the S210 Consensus Body and Chapter Committees.  This is a new standard that will be developed in accordance with the ANSI Essential Requirements as an American National Standard. If you are interested in participating in this standards development, contact Standards Director, Mili Washington.

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Note: BSR is the ANSI Board of Standards Review that reviews and approves Standards as American National Standards. All new Standards under development are designated as BSR-IICRC till such time that they receive final approval from ANSI and can be published.

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