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Social Media Strategy To Set Your Firm Apart

By Danyelle Hildreth

With an estimated 2.8 billion global social media users in 2017 spending an average of two hours and 19 minutes on social media per day, it’s easy to understand why social media has become an integral part of marketing and should be involved in every businesses marketing plan and strategy.

The first part of any social media strategy is to define your goals. Are you looking for new customers? Do you want to communicate product and service information with your current customers? Are you trying to increase awareness about your brand? Do you want to increase revenue from your current customers? After you define your goals you can choose the best channels and best practices to achieve them.

Choosing the Right Channels
Not all social media channels are created equally. Knowing your objectives and goals is the first step to choosing the right channels. The second step is defining your audience. Not just who your current audience is, but who you want your audience to be.

Here is a basic breakdown of the most commonly used social media channels and what they are used for:

Facebook = Building relationships
1.79+ billion monthly active users

Instagram = Brand engagement
600 million monthly active users

Twitter = Sharing news
313 million monthly users

Pinterest = Online scrapbook/magazine
150 million active monthly users

Youtube = Video sharing
over 1 billion users

Snapchat = Storytelling
150+ million global daily users

Google+ = Search growth
4-6 million people actively post

Optimizing Your Posts
There are different algorithms and strategies for each platform. However, there are a few best practices that are constant across all platforms:

  • Use exciting visuals to keep the attention of your audience
  • Keep your content bite size
  • Start a conversation with your audience
  • Offer a solution
  • Encourage sharing
  • LIVE content is currently king for reach
  • 80 percent engagement, 20 percent promotional

A few other things to consider when optimizing your posts are to increase the amount of videos that you produce. Live updates and video content are receiving the most reach in Facebook and Instagram.

Also consider the time that you are posting. If you are not able to post in real time, think about using a scheduling tool like Hootesuite or Buffer. These scheduling tools offer social posting to multiple platform at once and keep your analytics all in one place.

Keep your posts as simple as you can. Not only will this get your audience’s attention, but it will allow you to spread your content out and have more frequency.

After you set your strategy and define your goals with social media, determine the best social media platforms to help you reach those goals. While it would be amazing for us to use every platform, most of us will admit that if we took them all on, we wouldn’t be  using any of them effectively. Choose at least two to three that you feel will have the most impact on your business and do them really well.

One question you might be asking yourself is: how much do I need to do? Or, how often do I need to post? The answer is different based on the platforms you use, your business and your audience. Some industry averages say to post to Twitter one to five times per day, Facebook once per day, Instagram once per day and Snapchat one to three times per day. If this overwhelms you, aim for engagement. Post the most relevant content to your audience and put a few dollars behind it to promote it to your audience.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves too much though, promoted posts are for another article entirely! For now, work on setting your goals, choosing the right channels and optimizing your posts.

As the owner of MESH Consulting, Danyelle Hildreth leads small businesses to the point where everything seems to mesh. She is a marketing educator that is continuously looking for ways to elevate those around her.

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