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Social Media Ninja Tricks

Social Media Ninja Tricks: Getting More Fans with Your Facebook Fan Page
By: Rob Anspach

I owned a carpet cleaning company in a small town in Pennsylvania for almost two decades. I struggled! I had success! I discovered marketing early on because not making money was no longer an option I could afford. The first three years of running a carpet cleaning business was horrible. I offered my clients dirt cheap prices because that's what I thought they wanted. I wasn't making enough money and used credit cards to fund the difference.

I started learning everything I could about marketing, client retention, trust building and systems required to get the phone to ring. Within a year, I turned a failing cleaning company around and was able to enjoy the fruits of my labor: a nice eight day trip to Disney World with my family.

I get it! It's not always easy. Who do you listen to? What are the best resources you should use right now? Is social media a time waster? Why is my website not ranking?

These were the same questions I would ask myself every day. I would listen to everyone's was maddening. Finally, through lots of my own experimentation, I discovered what works and how to make it more efficient and profitable. Now I currently monitor over 40 Facebook fan pages for clients and optimize 35 websites every month for search results and I'm constantly being asked to speak to organizations or coach entrepreneurs.

By far one of the best ninja tricks I can pass on to anyone is to start liking other fan pages and leaving comments as your fan page…and here’s how you do it:

1.    Go to your Facebook account (desktop version only)

2.    Locate the “lock” icon next to the blue bar at the top of the page. Click on the down arrow.

3.    Select your fan page (or pages) from under "Use Facebook As" - the screen will then change to that page

4.    Go to the white search bar above your profile pic next to the "f" button and type the name of any fan page

5.    Like that page, then scroll through and "like" any post that appeals to you. Also leave comments to those posts you like.

6.    When done, click the arrow down button to "Use Facebook As" yourself again.

After a while, people will see your fan page liking and commenting and they'll start clicking on your fan page link to learn more about you.

Now this works when liking and commenting as "your page" to another page. When viewing a personal page as "your page," the only option is to "share" the post. Facebook doesn't allow (as of now) the liking and commenting to a personal page from a fan page. But sharing a personal post from a friend, fan or follower on your business page will show up on your friend’s page as a "SHARE," which ultimately helps with engagement.

This process can boost your company’s online exposure by developing a two-way conversation. When you just post to your own page, you are only engaging a fan, friend or follower one way. It's like you are the only one doing the talking. By engaging other sites or replying as your page, you are indeed fulfilling the true meaning of social media...being social.

So, why do I call it a “ninja trick” if it's common sense stuff? Well, in the world of social media, you need to build “likes” or fans to your page. The only way to do that is think like a ninja. You need to engage your audience and the audiences of other pages with stealth-like posts. Not spammy posts. Just simple dialogue that helps build upon a conversation and allows the potential audience to bond with you and want to know more about you.

Every time you use your fan page to “like, comment or share” another business message, you increase the chances of their fans becoming your fans too. And those fans telling their friends.

My advice: pick 30-40 local businesses in your area and “like, comment and share” what's on their fan pages. In a very short time, you will have built up your fan page with new fans and potential clients.

Rob Anspach spent 20 years in the cleaning industry. Now he teaches entrepreneurs how to use online technologies to build trust and attract followers. Rob has authored two social media books and has written numerous articles for industry magazines. For more information about Rob and how he can help your business, visit today.

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