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Smoke Damage Cleaning Should Be Done With Professionals

Smoke damage cleaning can be incredibly frustrating, and just when it seems like there is no more odor, it comes back with a vengeance. Few odors are as overpowering. That’s because the soot and smoke particles that are released by fires are extremely tiny. In fact, they are so small that they can penetrate into most any part of the building. They can seep into the floor, pass through walls, settle in tight spaces and drift into the attic. And once soot and smoke settle on surfaces, they will remain there until removed. With conventional equipment and treatment solutions, it will be impossible to remove the odor completely. Fortunately, certified technicians have the best techniques to deal with the odor properly.

Why should a homeowner consider a certified professional for their smoke damage cleaning needs?

When a fire rocks a home or business and the immediate danger passes, restoration efforts must begin right away. By the time the building’s occupants feel comfortable returning to the building, soot and lingering odor will have had plenty of time to spread through the space and settle everywhere. As long as it remains, it will be impossible for people inside the building to avoid the nauseating odors emanating from the area.

However, smoke damage cleaning is not something that an untrained crew will be able to do effectively. This job requires extensive treatment of all surfaces and can take an enormous length of time without a plan to attack the problem. Also, untrained individuals have no way of neutralizing the odors that are behind walls and inside the ceiling, so even a concerted effort around the building may do little to correct the problem.

Professionals certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) have been trained extensively in remediation and have worked under just about any condition a home or business owner could imagine. The IICRC is the most respected certification organization in the remediation industry, and its certified technicians are held to a strict code of ethics designed to protect the consumer. IICRC technicians stake their reputation on every job, so they excel at both the technical and service demands of the job.

What sets an IICRC certified technician apart, though, is their ability to employ sophisticated equipment designed to neutralize odors completely. Tearing down walls and ripping up floors to remove odor is not a preferred option, so technicians need something that can emulate the movements of smoke and soot. That’s where thermal foggers come in. Perhaps the most powerful tool in a remediation technician’s arsenal, a thermal fogger produces a concentration of odor neutralizing particles that are similar in size to soot and smoke particles. During operation, a thermal fogger can disperse a blanket of these particles nearly everywhere in the home, including behind walls and inside the ceiling. The process ensures proper removal of lingering odors from fire damage.  

If a home or business owner wants the job done right the first time, they will put their trust in a professional backed by IICRC certification.

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