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Should You Use A Carpet Repair Kit?

A manufacturer of a do-it-yourself carpet repair kit will make a lot of claims when touting their products. These companies will state that even in the hands of an untrained person, they will be able to make professional-quality fixes. They may also claim that their products are easy to use and foolproof, incapable of causing damage to the floor even when used incorrectly. While some of these products work with a little knowhow, manufacturers by and large overstate their effectiveness.

What is the problem with a do-it-yourself carpet repair kit?

These products are generally only useful on small patches of damaged flooring, and are ineffective in areas that have been severely burned or stained. Some companies call these products a patch application kit, which should indicate its use. The other problem with these products is that they don’t produce a long-term solution for the flooring. That is because do-it-yourselfers are encouraged to use hobby grade glue guns and standard flat irons to create a seal. While they can create a decent seal for a short while, they will not hold as strong and will fail much sooner than if the carpeting issue had been addressed by a professional. If the area receives heavy foot traffic or is regularly tested by children or pets, it can easily be ripped up again.

What is the alternative to a carpet repair kit?

A trained professional can fix a variety of flooring types, including delicate or more intricate materials like Frieze, Berber and textured carpeting. A simple patching product is too imprecise to use on valuable flooring as flat irons and standard glue guns can easily damage the material. Certified professionals, with their more advanced equipment, will be able to avoid causing further damage to the area.

Professionals can also provide secondary services to ensure the fix takes properly. A do-it-yourself product will not enable floor stretching, odor removal or significant stain removal, all of which may be necessary while patching. If these additional services are necessary, the homeowner may spend more money buying a do-it-yourself patching product, rather than bringing in a professional from the outset.

Most technicians that perform patching are equipped with a seam iron and industrial grade glue gun to create ultra-durable seams. They also use textile knives that make for cleaner cuts, ensuring less waste and a better look after patching. Technicians also include a stretcher in their arsenal to fix carpeting that is bunching up. Finally, professionals have access to a variety of cleaning and odor removal solutions to completely restore any part of the carpet that is discolored or fouled by odors.

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