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Should A Professional Be Hired For Cleaning A Rug?

Properly cleaning a rug is not like treating other textiles. These are precious pieces of fabric that are adorned with intricate designs and crafted, often by hand, out of delicate materials. Over time, these floor coverings will pick up a great deal of soil, both wet and dry. While it may be tempting to ignore treatment if the soil is not readily apparent, even invisible soils can cause damage by abrading the fibers and causing them to  be damaged. For this reason, it is essential that a homeowner opt for regular treatment services and to bring in a professional as soon as the rug appears to be dirty.

How can professionals help with cleaning a rug?

Treating a large piece, like an Oriental or Persian rug, requires special equipment and a facility dedicated to drying and inspecting the material. Many treatment companies also maintain repair services in-house as well, and can replace damaged fibers or repair fire or water damage. With all of the logistics involved, the process usually takes a few days at a minimum, but it is highly thorough.

Before getting started, a trained technician will inspect the piece and determine what kinds of soils are present, and if there is any other notable damage. During an inspection, the technician will gauge color quality and determine what methods will be needed to treat the fabric thoroughly. At this point, the technician will usually transport the rug to the company’s facility for thorough treatment.

First, the piece is vacuumed to rid it of all loose, dry soils. It is essential to get rid of all the loose debris, as it will slice into fibers during treatment if it is not removed. Once a technician has passed over the rug with a dry vacuum a couple of times, a gentle agitator with a cleansing agent is used. This will loosen up matted-in soils and suspend them, at which point they can be washed away during rinsing. This part of the process is performed as many times as needed until it appears the matted-in soil has been removed. Some services will submerge the piece in a bath to ensure it is completely free of any remaining debris.

These rugs can hold a lot of water, so it doesn’t make practical sense just to hang one on a drying rack and leave it there for days. By the time the piece would be dry, mold and mildew may have taken root in the fibers. Instead, a firm may use special high suction vacuums to remove large quantities of water, or they may utilize a centrifuge that can accommodate large, bulky items like rugs. The centrifuge pushes all of the water out of the fabric and leaves behind a dry piece that can be inspected a second time for damage. At this point, if there are any stains, a technician will remove them before letting the rug dry completely.

Professionally cleaning the rug will produce the best results.

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