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Should I Learn About Carpet Cleaning?

Why is it important for a technician to learn about carpet cleaning?

In recent years, consumers have become more focused on hiring treatment professionals that have some formal training. In other words, home and business owners are now demanding more than ever from the people they hire, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for untrained technicians to acquire new clients.

Training isn’t just about making clients happy, however. The skills a technician can pick up through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) are extremely valuable, especially for technicians or business owners who are fairly new to the field.

Can IICRC classes really help me learn about carpet cleaning?

The IICRC has trained up technicians for more than four decades, and its oldest classes are dedicated to carpet cleaning. At first, the IICRC helped professionals get acquainted with steam treatment, a technology that was considered revolutionary in the 1970s. Now, the IICRC has expanded its courses to cover a variety of fields, including flooring repair, mold remediation and water restoration, enabling a technician to learn a number of specialties within the field.

During the IICRC’s courses, students will be taught theory and have a chance to demonstrate their newfound skills hands-on. The IICRC’s methods are primarily considered to be best practices in the industry, so even experienced professionals can learn how to do their job better, ensuring greater client satisfaction.

Can a technician learn about carpet cleaning online, or is it best to learn in person?

It’s better for a technician to take hands-on courses when possible, especially when those classes cover a broad range of topics and involve experience with new equipment. The IICRC uses a network of approved instructors to teach its classes. Even spending time in the same room as one of these instructors can help a professional pick up skills that will assist them in the field and with their company. Technicians also tend to perform better when they have a chance to handle new equipment and get feedback from instructors right away.

However, the IICRC does offer a number of continuing education courses online. These courses are necessary for a registrant to maintain good standing with the IICRC. They also provide an incredible range of skills, including material on restoration, mold remediation, health and safety, and a number of additional treatment skills. The IICRC’s continuing education resources are also ideal for teaching the business side to new business owners.

How can a technician benefit from becoming a registrant of the IICRC?

Once a technician becomes a registrant of the IICRC, they immediately have access to experts around the world and some of the best training courses available. Registrants usually receive additional consideration from home and business owners when they are looking for a skilled technician. Consumer studies back this up, and if a technician wants to expand their client base, certification is among the most efficient tactics available to a professional.

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