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Second Issue of IICRCs Technical Journal Ready for Distribution

Second Issue of IICRC’s Technical Journal Ready for Distribution

Second Issue of IICRC’s Technical Journal Ready for DistributionThe second issue of the IICRC’s technical journal, The Journal of Cleaning, Restoration & Inspection (The Journal), will be hitting mailboxes at the end of April, so keep an eye open for it!

This issue features four articles to help you better understand the art and science of hard-surface cleaning, textile cleaning, disaster restoration and inspection. Articles in this issue include:

  • “The Effect of Disinfectants, Cleaning and Drying Practices on Oriental Rugs Flooded with Contaminated River Water”-- Dan Bernazzani shares the methodology and results of his doctoral dissertation which focused on measuring the effectiveness of cleaning, disinfection and drying of Oriental rugs immersed in Category 3 floodwater.


  • “Determining the Need for HVAC Cleaning in Restoration Work”-- Dan Stradford, the chair of the NADCA Certifications Committee, examines the circumstances when HVAC cleaning may be called for as part of restoration or remediation projects.


  • “An Examination of Slip-and-Fall Safety Assessment, Standards and Auditing”-- Brent Johnson examines the history and development of assessment standards for auditing hard-surface floors for slip-and-fall safety.


  • “Why Standards?”-- Mili Washington, the IICRC standards director, provides an introduction to standards and an overview of the benefits of using standards and engaging in the standard-development process.

As a peer-reviewed technical journal — as distinct from a trade or association magazine — The Journal is the first and only publication of its kind in the cleaning, restoration and inspection industries. It is published six times per year.

The Journal is a new benefit for IICRC Certified Firms, master cleaners and restorers, inspectors, and instructors and schools, all of whom will receive free print copies of The Journal. In addition, all current registrants of the Institute will have free access to the electronic version.

Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect in The Journal’s June issue:

  • “The Impact of Cleaning and Maintenance on Commercial Flooring Lifecycle Costs” -- Richard Bodo, Director of Training, Karcher of North America,, will utilize data gathered over 20 years to compare the cost and lifecycle impact of proactive versus reactive maintenance practices on hard-surface and textile flooring in commercial facilities.


  • “Studies Document Impact of Carpet on Indoor Air Quality Before and After Cleaning” -- Dr. Bruce Mitchell, Chairman/CEO is Airmid Healthgroup Ltd, will present the data and methodology used in a series of studies his firm recently completed. The studies compared the allergen and microbial load in the air over carpet and other flooring types both before and after cleaning.


  • “Hard-Surface Flooring Maintenance and Inspection” -- Claudia Lezell, IICRC Standards Hard Surface Division Vice Chair, will examine the impact of various maintenance practices from a flooring inspector’s perspective.


  • “MOUs: What They Are and Why They Are Important” -- IICRC President Patrick Winters explains what MOUs are and why they are important to industries that are building the foundations of technical knowledge.

For more information on The Journal, visit the publication’s LinkedIn page or visit to view the latest electronic version. If you would like to submit feedback regarding The Journal, please email the editor at

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