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Searching For Mold Remediation Courses In New York

Every year, there are several mold remediation courses available in New York, and they can provide professionals with the tools they need to take on extensive fungal contamination. With the state’s proximity to the water, frequent wet weather and aging buildings, fungal contamination is an ongoing and significant threat. In fact, The Empire State is one of the few that has developed its regulations regarding fungal inspection, assessment and removal. That means that if a professional wants to establish a career in the state, they need to be well educated and well trained.

Where are there mold remediation courses in New York?

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is a leading training organization in water damage and fungal removal. Its classes are taught all over the world through approved schools, and these schools frequently send teachers to towns and cities around the U.S. In New York, some towns that host IICRC classes include Medford, W Seneca and Albany. This provides a nice trio of options for professionals, as this means that a class is available within a few hundred miles, no matter where a technician lives in the state. And as IICRC classes are usually hosted every few months, a professional never has to wait long to further their education in the field.

What will professionals learn during mold remediation courses in New York?

Again, the state requires its fungal assessment and removal experts to be well-educated. Specifically, technicians in the state must undergo more than 30 hours of training in the  classroom, and this is a target that IICRC classes reach within a week.

The IICRC’s primary classes in this regard include its Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) class and its Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT). Some professionals also elect to take the IICRC’s Applied Structural Drying Technician (ASD) class, which can help professionals learn how to prepare a water damaged building for safe habitation once again.

The WRT is a perquisite for the AMRT, and though it mostly focuses on identifying water damage and dealing with a variety of water damage sources, such as floods or sewage backflows, it also introduces students to the basics regarding fungal inspection and removal.

The AMRT is the primary class for fungal removal and inspection experts, though, and includes a number of in-depth concepts for professionals in the industry. The class addresses how to remove fungal contamination left behind by a variety of water damage sources, and will also provide insight on destroying bacterial and viral pathogens as well. Finally, the AMRT will give students the safety knowledge they need to protect others from the contamination. The AMRT is taught over four days for a total of 28 hours of instruction, so it is a highly involved and informative class.

Technicians that complete IICRC mold remediation courses in New York will be prepared to deal with fungal contamination in a variety of settings, and protect the health of home and business owners.

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