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Searching For An Institute Of Carpet Cleaning

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) does not own or operate any technical schools, but its board of directors approve a prospective institute of carpet cleaning that applies to and meets the criteria set forth by IICRC’s board. The technical schools that are certified by the IICRC are responsible for the training and education of flooring restoration and maintenance professionals throughout the industry. Although training and registration with the IICRC is not required, it is highly sought after for the multitude of benefits it has to offer.

The IICRC currently has more than one hundred forty approved instructors located at over seventy technical schools internationally. Each of the IICRC-approved instructors must remain affiliated with an approved institute of carpet cleaning and pass a series of requirements, depending on their specific area of certification. IICRC’s website provides a detailed list of their affiliated schools, some of which angle their education standards around specific flooring maintenance and restoration techniques. One such example is schools that primarily focus educating their business and individual students on disaster restoration.

The IICRC maintains associations with schools across the globe, including locations in North America, Europe, and Japan
. With ready access to this expansive network of education centers, businesses and individual technicians alike have the opportunity to maintain their professional education and training. Based on the particular area of interest, potential students of an IICRC-approved institute of carpet cleaning can explore the singularities of each approved school on the IICRC’s website. With over two dozen certification tracks and multiple levels of certification, prospective students have several opportunities to begin or advance their professional education in the flooring restoration and maintenance industry.

IICRC certification is dependent upon successful completion of a class at an approved school, in which the curriculum follows industry standards for that category. However, students must also achieve a passing grade on a standardized exam that is administered at the end of each course. In order to maintain their certification status, registrants of the IICRC must earn continuing education credits after certification is initially obtained. The continuing education credits are also acquired at an institute of carpet cleaning.

The IICRC provides industry businesses and technicians with two types of professional designations, each of which have their respective definitions. An IICRC certificate is associated to an individual class or training session and a technician’s application of curriculum learned during that time. An IICRC certification is not necessarily associated with a particular class, but rather a test of an individual’s overall knowledge. Successful certifications typically result in a change of professional title and industry designation.

Depending on the area of study, courses at an IICRC institute of carpet cleaning can last between one and five days
. Since the IICRC does not own nor operate any schools, any travel arrangements incurred are the responsibility of the registrant. However, the span of education centers within IICRC’s network provides locations all over the United States as well as other countries, so an IICRC-approved school is never out of reach. A complete and detailed list of each IICRC education center can be found on the IICRC website.

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