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A Restoration Brochure Can Be A Valuable Tool

Companies that repair fire and water damage may have trouble explaining their services to consumers, which makes a restoration brochure a valuable tool in the industry. These documents can be purchased through The Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC. They are the most recognizable and respected agency among professionals in this industry. The IICRC is a trusted organization among consumers, and its universal respectability has attracted more than 50,000 companies around the world.

The IICRC has earned its place in the industry because it provides technicians with up to date knowledge and techniques
. It also offers several benefits to its registrants, including additional visibility, consumer confidence and current industry knowledge. A restoration brochure from the IICRC communicates to the homeowner that a company can be trusted to perform at the highest level. First impressions mean a great deal to consumers, and these pamphlets can forge good relationships immediately.

After becoming a registrant with the IICRC, a professional can still do many things to improve their standing in the industry. The restoration brochure is a colorful and sharply designed pamphlet, giving the business instant credibility. They lay out the importance of hiring an experienced water and fire repair company following natural disasters. They also direct the customer to the IICRC’s website, where they can peruse the organization’s database for professionals in their area. This makes them appropriate for both current clients and prospective customers. Before purchasing and delivering these pamphlets to customers, make sure the business is up to date with everything the IICRC offers. After reading one of these documents, homeowners will be on the lookout for professionals with the CleanTrust mark attached to their name. The only way to receive this prestigious icon is to maintain active and meet the specific training requirements within the organization. This includes attending current education courses, passing certification exams and meeting all application requirements.

When dealing with technical professionals, many homeowners are naturally skeptical and distrustful
. Because it’s difficult for them to know what services are necessary, many assume they are being gouged by water and fire damage repair companies. This is troublesome for the professional and for the customer, who may opt out of much-needed services as a result. This can put their health and safety at risk. A restoration brochure bridges the gap between the technician and the homeowner and creates a better working relationship from the outset. After reading the pamphlet, the client will understand why thorough cleaning and repair are necessary after a flood or fire.

These documents can be purchased in bulk from the IICRC and placed in several locations for maximum effect
. They can be displayed in the company’s lobby, handed out to customers during carpet or upholstery cleaning or given to professional acquaintances in other industries. Plumbers, electricians, and contractors all regularly work with clients who are recovering from water or fire damage. A business can get ahead by forging relationships with other companies and asking them to hand out a restoration brochure on their behalf to people who need it. Following a natural disaster, there will be hundreds of potential clients, so having the pamphlets in multiple areas will likely garner more business in the future.

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