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2016 Inaugural Conference

QuoteThe inaugural conference, held April 9 –11, 2016 in Atlanta, established the IICRC technical conference as a viable concept. Officially the “Restoration Technical Conference & Cleaning Science Symposium,” was cosponsored by the IICRC and the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI).

Some 90 professionals attended the conference, which consisted of a single track featuring 11 presentations and 22 speakers. Feedback from attendees was tremendous, with more than 99 percent of survey responses saying the conference met or exceeded their expectations.

A sampling of comments received:

“Please, please, another conference in 2017!”

“High caliber, impeccable.”

“Interesting mix of topics.”

“Excellent job keeping group on schedule — VERY WELL DONE!”

“Very good people engagement.”

“Fantastic conference. Well organized. Great presenters.”

“Thank you for a great job!”

“Nice mix of longer, full-length presentations with shorter panel presentations.”

2016 Symposium


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