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Questions & Answers About An Online Carpet Cleaning Certificatio

Can a technician pursue online carpet cleaning certification?

There are some organizations that offer web-only textile treatment courses, but these classes go against recommendation for most technicians. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) does offer some web-based courses, but they are for technicians who have already developed their knowledge to some extent.

What are the problems with an online only carpet cleaning certification class?

Organizations that rely on the web exclusively for their coursework don’t have the resources to offer in-depth training. Professionals who are just getting started in the field and those who are beginning to formalize their training will need some hands-on experience during instruction. This is impossible when working with web-only classes, and represents a major issue on the application side. It is possible to learn a great deal of theory through the internet, but theory is not enough for a technician.

The IICRC’s primary classes, including its carpet cleaning technician (CCT) course, are handled through approved instructors. These knowledgeable professionals have verification through the IICRC as experts in their field, and they work to uphold the IICRC’s standards. Approved instructors are available around the world, making it easy for a technician to improve their skills, especially when first starting out.

What classes are available online after attaining carpet cleaning certification through the IICRC?

The IICRC does offer a number of web-only classes, but these are continuing education courses and are ideal for a busy technician who has the basic theory down. Some of the IICRC’s continuing education courses are designed to expand a technician’s knowledge of the service side, such as learning about water damage restoration or microbial remediation techniques. The IICRC also offers an impressive number of classes on the business side as well, such as marketing, pricing, accounting, employee training and hiring, and general knowledge.

The IICRC’s continuing education courses are also occasionally taught through seminars and conventions, and this can be a significant learning moment for a professional, especially business owners. Organized events bring together some of the brightest minds in the industry and is an excellent opportunity for a business owner to pick up hard to find knowledge.

Why are continuing education courses so necessary?

Continuing education courses through the IICRC are important for several reasons. For one, they are required of all registrants. IICRC registrants must accrue a couple continuing education credits (CECs) every year to remain in good standing with the Institute. The IICRC requires CECs because the textile treatment industry changes often, and a professional must change with it. CECs also offer business owners an extra opportunity to improve their business practices, an essential component of any successful firm.

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