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Questions About Carpet Cleaning Rates

What factors determine carpet cleaning rates?

In short, there is no consistent way for a professional to estimate the cost of treatment until they have seen the area to be cleaned. This may mean that the expected cost of treatment will go up or down once the technician has surveyed the  textiles that need attention.

However, the number one thing to consider when pricing services is the size of the job. In general, the larger the area that needs to be treated, the more it will cost. Most professionals use precise square footage numbers to calculate the cost of treatment, though some choose to charge by the room. This means that professionals will need to see the home and perform an estimate before any work can be done. If the home is in a hard to reach area or is difficult to access in any way, this may alter the cost. Also, if any furniture needs to be moved, this may increase the price of treatment as well.

Can the condition of flooring affect carpet cleaning rates?

Other than the size of the job, the condition of the carpeting will have the greatest impact on price. Technicians attempt to estimate their fees based on how many square feet per hour they can handle. With this is mind, the difference between lightly soiled and heavily soiled flooring  can be substantial. A certified professional can usually handle up to  800 square feet per hour of residential cleaning if the flooring only requires light maintenance. If the flooring is thoroughly soiled and will require several extraction passes, pretreatment and additional services to restore, a professional may only be able to work through a few hundred square feet per hour. The longer it takes to work through the home, the more the job will cost.

In general, it is impossible for a technician to know what condition the carpeting is in until they have a chance to evaluate the amount and type of soil present, the type of fibers they will be working with, the color of the fibers and any unique challenges they will have to overcome.

How are additional services figured into carpet cleaning rates?

If there are tough stains, discolored spots or damaged areas present, the technician will have to dedicate special attention to fixing these areas. This may entail a separate hourly charge added on top of the basic treatment fees. For this reason, it is recommended that homeowners perform regular maintenance on their carpeting to keep it in good condition.

How can a professional learn how to appropriately price their services?

It is difficult for people on both sides of the transaction to figure appropriate carpet cleaning rates because there are many things to consider. However, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has provided dedicated training resources to firm owners who need guidance in this area. With the IICRC’s help, a professional will be able to learn how to competitively price their services while remaining fair and transparent to the consumer.

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