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Professionals Can Perform Water Restoration Services

Professionals who work in water restoration services have to be extremely efficient and well-trained because excess moisture can cause irreparable damage within a day or two if it is allowed to sit. These technicians are usually tasked to remove any source of excess moisture in the home, clean up any damage caused by it, and dry out the area so that it is safe to inhabit once again. It is essential that a homeowner select a certified professional. They are responsible for protecting the health of the home’s occupants and preventing even more costly damage to the building. They have to be ready for anything, and only an extensively trained and certified professional can offer this expertise.

How can a professional get certified in water restoration services?

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) offers the most comprehensive remediation courses available, and the IICRC’s continuing education classes can provide additional insight into the field. During the Institute’s courses, technicians will learn how excess moisture causes damage, including problems it can cause long term. These are important concepts, because most of the damage that excess moisture causes goes unseen. Molds, bacteria and viruses fester in moisture, and can become a major threat just hours after the moisture pools in the home.

Once a technician completes the IICRC course and passes an examination that tests their skills, they will be able to apply for registration with the organization. Once registered, a technician can further enhance their skills by completing advanced certification tracks. An advanced certification track will train a technician how to repair flooring, dry materials more efficiently, and maintain proper safety standards on the job site.

What kinds of water restoration services do certified professionals offer?

Remediation technicians can usually help with anything from a small, simple plumbing leak to massive damage caused by a flood. Professionals can also assist with sewage backflows, which require special training to handle safely, and basement leaks, which can be caused by a number of things.

Though the source of the moisture and the extent of the damage will dictate remediation efforts to some extent, there is a fairly standard course of action when professionals arrive at the job site. First, if there is any standing liquid in the home, it will either be vacuumed or pumped out. Standing water can cause significant damage, even warping ceilings, so it has to be dealt with immediately.

Once the standing water is gone, professionals will assess the area and remove anything unsalvageable. This normally includes organic materials like textiles, drywall, cardboard, and some types of wood. The drenched area is then sanitized with powerful solutions and dried out with industrial  air movers, dehumidifiers and heat injectors, if necessary. This process usually takes several days if there is widespread damage, and technicians will take regular moisture readings to determine when the home is dry enough to live in again safely. By the time a certified firm has worked through a building, it will be safe, clean and comfortable enough to return to.    

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