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Preparing For A Carpet Cleaning Certification In Illinois

Carpet cleaning certification courses in Illinois tend to be concentrated around the Chicago area, but there are some additional spots to train near the southern and eastern edge of the state, making it easy for a technician to train no matter where they live in the area. These courses, produced by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), are taught through approved schools that are located around the world. This is unique in the industry, and it gives technicians excellent flexibility when it’s time to improve their skills.

Where can a professional attend carpet cleaning certification courses in Illinois?

The Chicago area is highly active for industry professionals, so one of the IICRC’s approved schools manages its courses out of the city. Specifically, it is located in Roselle, which is an outlying community to the northwest of the city proper. Instructors often stop by other parts of the state, including Elgin and Springfield, so technicians don’t have to go too far to gain certification.

Technicians near the eastern and southern parts of the state can also find approved schools located in the St. Louis and Indianapolis areas, and all of the IICRC’s approved schools are dedicated to hands-on, cutting-edge education. So, no matter where a technician attends a course, they will have the same high-quality education that the IICRC demands from its schools.

What can a technician learn when seeking carpet cleaning certification courses in Illinois?

The IICRC’s carpet cleaning technician (CCT) course is essential for delivering the fundamentals. Even experienced professionals can improve their service by revisiting the foundation of textile treatment, and it’s extremely important for a technician new to the industry. The IICRC’s other courses are built off of the CCT, so it represents a major first step for registrants.

During the CCT course, a number of valuable skills will be taught. Students will learn how to identify a variety of fabrics, fibers, and soil types, and how the technician tackles a job will be based on this information. Students will learn how to respond to common work conditions and how to select the right equipment and cleansing agents for the job. Students will also be given hands-on experience with this equipment, so they will have a feel for modern treatment technology before they even get started in the field. Finally, students will also learn the five pillars of treatment, and the theories behind them.

By the time a technician has completed the CCT and passed the corresponding exam, they will be prepared to acquire on the job experience and work their way toward additional designations with the IICRC. For example, a technician can acquire journeyman or master status in textile treatment, water damage restoration, or fire and smoke damage restoration. Taking on advanced designations is a smart way to diversify a skillset and expand the services offered. For a technician with an eye for the future, IICRC education is a natural choice.

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