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Passing The Carpet Cleaning Certification Exam

As an international administration, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), promotes and administers the industry standard carpet cleaning certification exam. This test is one of many that are designed to help maintain a level of high standards throughout manufactured environments, by educating and certifying the restoration, cleaning, and inspection industries’ technicians and businesses.

There are a multitude of courses that, if successful, result in certifications for the restoration, cleaning, and inspection service industries. There are a dozen angled specifically for cleaning, six exams for inspection, and an additional seven for the restoration of buildings damaged by water, smoke or fire. All these tests are designed and approved by the IICRC to ensure the highest level of professional responsibility and ethics among these industries.

As a not-for-profit organization, the IICRC does not own, operate, or employ schools or teachers. Rather, it orchestrates a stringent approval process so that educators and their respective teaching facilities have the ability to administer a carpet cleaning certification exam. The IICRC has more than one hundred and forty approved instructors and seventy schools internationally. To ensure the highest level of education, the IICRC requires that instructors maintain their affiliation with an IICRC-approved school, as well as uphold instructor status by means similar to continuing education.

Receiving designation by the IICRC is determined by successful completion of a particular course in which the curriculum adheres to the industry standards of the specific category; carpet cleaning is one example. However, registrants must also achieve a passing grade on the standardized carpet cleaning certification exam, as well as earn continuing education credits (CECs) to remain in good standing with the IICRC. The costs associated with receiving an IICRC designation vary, and are circumstantial based on potential travel costs and materials fees. There is also a cost for the class, as well as annual fees.

Technicians are not required to possess IICRC designations to practice business in the areas of restoration, cleaning and inspection
. However, the choice to earn and maintain good standing with the IICRC is accompanied by several benefits. One such benefit is a referral program that the IICRC operates in addition to other marketing efforts for its Certified Firms. A technician who passed the carpet cleaning certification exam is equipped with training on the latest industry practices and technology, which translates into confidence and efficiency with customers. Companies affiliated with the IICRC enjoy the prospect of increased sales margins in addition to higher customer service ratings.

Customers of IICRC-approved technicians can rest assured that they are receiving services from personnel with knowledge and training of the highest industry standards. A carpet cleaning certification exam is just one of several standardized exams and designations that the IICRC administers, all of which greatly benefit both the industry and its consumer base. From its humble beginnings as a trade school in Fresno, CA, the IICRC has blossomed into the leading international organization for training industry professionals. As a non-profit administration, the IICRC’s primary objective is to ensure that customers receive the best and most thorough service from the industry’s most educated professionals.

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