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Overview Of The Institute Of Carpet Cleaning And Restoration

Is there an institute of carpet cleaning and restoration that someone can attend to learn the business?

The IICRC, or Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification is a nonprofit organization that is known internationally to promote and uphold the highest of industry standards. They also help individuals that want to start their own business and firms that are already in existence. One of the biggest benefits of becoming an IICRC-certified firm is the marketing ability that they offer, and the partnerships that they have with large manufacturers. The IICRC is such a respected organization that flooring manufacturers are willing to partner with them regarding warrantying their products.  Most major carpet manufacturers require that their products are cleaned on a regular basis, and they recommend that an IICRC certified technician do the cleaning.

Why is the IICRC considered one of the best when a technician is looking to hone their skills through an institute of carpet cleaning and restoration?

The IICRC is one of the most respected and experienced organizations in the industry. From its humble beginnings in the San Joaquin valley of California to its acclaimed international recognition, anyone can see that this is not something that happens by chance. It comes from being the best of the best. It comes by seeking out the latest technology in regards to carpet cleaning and restoration. It comes from using ethical practices time and again. Continuing education has been paramount with this institute of carpet cleaning and restoration. Their continued partnership with international trade associates only furthers their global expansion. The IICRC has impacted more than 25 countries and currently has 70 approved schools and 140 approved instructors.

Does IICRC training and certification really make a difference?

The facts continue to show that it does make a significant difference. Just as in many other professions where continuing education is important, the same stands in this industry. No longer are customers willing to pay for some individual and their truck just to show up and clean their carpeting. Now customers are searching out companies that not only say they are the best, but have the certification and feedback to prove it. With the help of being an IICRC-certified firm, it makes it easy for a customer to find such a technician. The IICRC’s website has a Locate a Professional tab where the customer can find a local certified professional. Knowing the person that will be providing service has the right training and will do the job right the first time puts any potential customer at immediate ease.

Are there any other benefits to receiving certification through this institute of carpet cleaning and restoration?

As listed above, there is the help with marketing and promotion for a certified-firm. For a technician and a firm alike, it is being a part of the IICRC’s vast registrant database that allows home and business owners to choose a reputable firm easily. It also opens the door to specialty fields within the industry. A firm can expand their service far beyond basic carpet cleaning. They can offer hard surface cleaning, color repair, furniture cleaning, as well as odor control. They can also become certified in inspection, mold, and water damage restoration if they so choose, as well as a number of other certifications.

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